If you’re searching for Hispanic creators and buymalaysianfollowers influencers to follow to get social media tips to take a look at these.

The following Ten influencers, designers and entrepreneurs are your go-to’s when it comes to the top-of-the-line social media advice.

You are now ready to improve your social media skills to the next level.

1. Anais Montoro The Reels Pro

Handle:@aniceskinFollowing: 105KAnais Montoro is an entrepreneur who is based in Spain who is a specialist on Instagram Reels strategy tips.

Her aim is straightforward: to make life on social media more enjoyable! With a vibrant community of more than 105K followers, Anais now coaches businesses and creators all over the globe.

Anais’s Top Tip to Increase the visibility of your business on social Media:

“I always suggest choosing a title that will attract your viewers during the first 3 seconds of your reel, for example: the secret for… or the truth about…” Anais exposes.

“My Reels always follow one (or all) of the following qualities that are: to entertain, inspire or teach.”

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2. Andrea Vaamonde Marcano: Fashion Marketing Pro


Following: 15.8K

Andrea Vaamonde Marcano is a name that is worth knowing for the most effective marketing strategies.

With an abundance of experience in marketing and an experience with fashion and fashion-related industries, Andrea has worked with large-name brands such as Yliana Yepez, Vogue Mexico as well as Bumble Mexico.

Today, Andrea is a full-time fashion marketing consultant (and the founder of Latinoamerica de Moda) Andrea’s Instagram feed is packed with informative content that will assist entrepreneurs in defining their brand’s DNA and change their business.

Andrea’s Top Tip to Growth in Social Media:

“Videos will always convey more than 1000 word message Instagram! Instagram!”

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3. Nina Meraki The Expert in Visibility and Growth

Handle: @nina.meraki

Following: 47.9K

Based in Spain Based in Spain, Nina Meraki is a prolific content creator with large community of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

Beginning as a travel writer, Nina found her niche creating mini tutorials to help Instagram growth.

Nina has recently created a podcast called Desemprender, on which she speaks about entrepreneurship and how to start off in the field.

Nina’s Top Tips for Increasing visibility:

“Have an objective that is clear and bet on short-form videos Be conscient,” Nina shares.

“Social media is an endurance race but not a race. Keep your eyes open and don’t forget to evaluate your results to refine your strategy and content.”

4. Andrea Salgado: Brand Marketing Expert

Handle: @andreasalgadoo

Following: 12K

Andrea has a reputation as an Ecuadorian businesswoman, who lives in the city she grew up in and the bustling New York City.

Her passion project-turned-business @sailorcoffee is a staple in the cities of Guayaquil and Quito, bringing a new and vibrant offering to the city.

In social networking, Andrea is transparent about her entrepreneurial journey, posting all the highs and downs she’s had along the route.

Andrea’s Top Tip for Growth:

“Build on the streets. When you begin an exciting new adventure, no matter what it is, be sure to discuss what you’re doing with your community. It’s about creating an atmosphere of support around your new venture and establishing strong relationships with the people who follow you,” Andrea shares.
“The transparent sharing of your process creates trust among your target audienceand selling is a matter of to trust. If your customers feel confident in them, they’re more likely to buy with you.”

5. Paulina Joaristi Digital Growth Strategy and Fashion Enthusiast

Handle: @paujoaristi

Following: 87.8K

Paulina Joaristi knows how make use of social media to grow her business.

After a successful one-to-one strategy was developed for clients, and earning her master’s qualification of Integrated Marketing Communications she recently launched a social media coursecalled Social Bloom.

Her most effective strategy to succeed? Be focused on more than just the Instagram aesthetics and create an impact that is tangible without a screen.

Paulina’s Best Hack to Increase the reach of her blog:

“Use Pinterest’s Trends to guide your strategy. It’s an undiscovered gem. You can find out what kind of content is trending and also what keywords to make use of as hashtags for your content.

6. Belu Barrage: Multi-Channel Pro

Handle: @marketingconbelu

Following: 88K

for Maria Belen, or “Belu” because her fans know her is all about not putting all your eggs into one pot.

Her imagination is limitless She has also succeeded in creating communities through a variety of digital channels.

Bell’s Top Tip to Repurpose Content:

“Apply your idea of the waterfall to determine if you have a primary content item that can be reused in different types of channels and formats,” shares Belu.

“Focus on the most important piece of evergreen content such as an hour-long YouTube video that will become evergreen as time passes. It can be subsequently converted to an audio-based podcast, utilized for an Instagram carousel that highlights crucial information, posted on Pinterest with an article link on the topic and then packaged into an email-based marketing strategy.”

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7. Zeke Novarino: Instagram Mentor

Handle: @zeke.novarino

Following: 76K

Zeke Novarino is an Instagram coach and SEO enthusiast who is regularly live via Instagram to give his top tricks.

One of his most important conclusions is Instagram algorithm should not bring you down and that hashtags can be important to any strategy. “They aren’t dead!” he shares, “you’ve just to identify the best hashtags.”

Zeke’s Top Tip to Increase Instagram Growth:

“Be conscient of your SEO practices, particularly with regards with your Instagram feed as well as your Instagram profile,” Zeke explains.

“Look for words that are relevant to your audience’s needs as well as their interests and what you can do to help them with their problem. These should be prominent throughout every piece of content you send out. You won’t only see the growth of your business, but also a strong position in your field and a community who values your opinions.”

8. Daniela Goicochea Hospitality Marketing Specialist

Handle: @danigoico

Following: 61.2K

Daniela Goicochea is the co-founder of the marketing agency Brandcrops which specializes in food and beverage marketing strategies.

She believes that staying up with her fans via frequent Instagram Stories is very important.

“Stories are my most-loved option for Instagram,” she explains. “They are simple to make to share, share and grow to conversations within my friends.”

Daniela’s Top Tips for Growing Engagement:

“Be conscious of the way you present what you post,” Daniela shares.

“It is a huge difference when you post photos of a burger around 1pm when your target audience is hungry opposed to at 4pm in the afternoon, when they’ve eaten lunch.”

9. Laura Figueroa: Digital Strategist Expert

Handle: @laura_figueroab

Following: 67.9K

Laura Figuera is a social media strategist who believes in putting into practice what you are teaching.

“To be successful on a social platform it is essential to be a regular user. You cannot claim to grow and see results if you don’t understand how it functions,” she shares.

With a strong multi-channel presence, Laura shares educational tips on Youtube and Instagram hosts the Laura Figueroa Podcast. She is co-founder of The FigCo agency, which is dedicated to helping small-sized businesses and entrepreneurs thrive in the world of digital.

Laura’s Top Tip to Create Content that is Value-Added:

“I am aware of what my ideal audience would like and am clear on the content pillars on which I’d like to present me,” explains Laura.

“Knowing this the only thing left to do is to organize a piece of content to modify it according to the style (and needs) for each network. It is the way I make valuable content that is a hit with my ideal target audience, and which I can use across multiple platforms, knowing that it will aid me in create what I am hoping to accomplish.”

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10. Pedro Lollett: Content Creator and Brand Consultant

Handle: @pedrolollett

Following: 28.6K

Pedro Lollett is a multi-faceted creator of content from Venezuela currently living at Mexico City.

You may have seen his photo work on Vogue Mexico, or some of his writings on E! News.

His writing is influenced by the joys of living and the fascination with art, and ultimately his love of helping others achieve their goals.

He continues to collaborate on editorial projects, and also hosts workshops on brand consultancy.

Pedro’s Top Tips for Growing as Creator:

“Share items that others could connect with and then make their own. In my case, the stages that I write about aren’t solely the results of situations that have occurred in my life and serve as instruments that other people can use to communicate themselves.”

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