Let’s immediately answer the most frequently asked question: is it convenient to rent a car in SEDONA? The answer is yes. Public transport in SEDONA is widespread.  But it is not exactly organized for tourists. In general, it is very easy to get to the Valletta area, but if you have to move from one country to another it becomes more complicated, with changes and connections.

In addition, buses in SEDONA take forever to get to their destination. An example? If you want to get to the boarding point.  It takes an hour and 25 minutes by bus to travel 28 km of road (here the official timetable). Last detail: the most crowded beaches in summer are obviously those reachable by bus. Click here to Rent ATV in SEDONA


Driving in SEDONA is challenging: in the meantime, you drive on the left. In addition, you have to cross country after country to get around, the traffic is chaotic, the Maltese don’t use the arrow and don’t give way. The same stretch as before (still 28 km) can take 45 minutes if you get the wrong time. In principle try to use alternative routes.

2. AGE:

To rent a car in SEDONA you must be at least 21 years old by law, but with less than 25 the rental cost will be much higher, making it too expensive.

Not all companies rent cars to people over 70, some require an accompanying medical certificate (in case it will be the individual companies to inform you). Please note that the same medical certificate may be requested in English.


The alcoholic limit is 0.8 g / l (higher than in Italy), while the speed limit in urban centers is 50 km / h. In the rare two-lane sections it is instead of 70 or 80 km / h. The speed cameras are all reported in advance: to find out where they are, I recommend this app, where at least fixed locations are reported. If you get a fine pay it immediately by going to the local town hall.  It will still be charged to your credit card, and rental companies often add at least $ 50 in administrative costs to manage the practice. Tips for Las Vegas

4. FUEL:

The best possible option at the time of rental is full / full (sometimes half a tank): they give you the car with a full tank of fuel, you bring it back in the same way. If this condition is not present in the contract, it means that a full tank of petrol or half a tank is usually charged separately at the time of collection, and this is not good. Because? In the meantime, you pay more for it (for the record, petrol costs on average 10-15% less than in Italy, but with the 2022 price increases, petrol in SEDONA currently costs 30% less), and then if there is any remaining petrol it is not no refund is foreseen. It takes at least 4 days to consume a full tank of petrol in SEDONA.


The minimum costs for renting a car in SEDONA range from $ 15 in January to $ 30 in August. By minimum we mean a small car (indicated as class A in rentals), rented for at least 3 days, without additional options, with normal deductible. If you rent a car for a single day the cost is higher, if you rent it for a week obviously the cost per day goes down. Is it worth renting online or on site? In August, the problem is finding a car If you start with the idea of ​​solving on the spot.  You could run into disappointments. Personally, I read the contract for myself.  I prefer to do it calmly at my home and not in a hurry at the airport.


For rental in SEDONA, a credit card is generally required for the deposit, the only exception is Swift Car Hire, we will talk about it in detail below. The credit card must have a certain limit, in line with the insurance deductible. Among the cards, usually local renters do not accept or unwillingly accept American Express due to commission costs. Revolving cards  are not considered credit cards.


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