Studies say that hair loss has become a common problem and different factors contribute to hair loss. A survey from the American Academy of Dermatology says that around eighty million people experience hair loss issues. You can say that it may result due to different factors, such as genetics, blogs, illness, and poor hair care.

You can read or hear different things on the internet that reflect nothing but self-made statements. You need to learn about the truths of hair loss and should go for the solutions according to the cause. The hair transplant process does not guarantee you how successful the rate will be. That’s why experts of hair transplant in Peshawar reveal that you should take care of your hair before you experience baldness. Here are some of the truths and myths that will help you learn what you should believe in.

Excessive Sun Exposure Leads to Dull Hair

Well, this statement is true because many studies and research have been done and concluded that sun exposure is also the reason for hair loss. Your hair can get damaged when you go outside and do not cover your head with a scarf or hat.

If you already have bald areas, make sure that you do not go outside during peak hours of sunlight. Do you know the reason? Well, going in sunlight allows the harmful ultraviolet rays to damage your hair and result in hair thinning. Such factors make it easy for your hair to break and result in hair loss.

You Lose Fifty to Hundred Hair Strands a Day

It is not a myth but a fact that an average person loses 50 to 100 hair strands a day and it is normal. People who have long hair are more likely to lose more hair per day. People who lose their hair in clumps should get medical help as it is not a normal condition and may result in severe hair loss. Experts reveal the facts that such clumps of hair loss may be the reason for poor nutrition, the early stage of alopecia.

Scarfs can Result in Hair Loss

This is a myth that is circulating everywhere on the internet. People believe in such myths but experts share that it is not an actual reason to be fearful of them. But you should cover your head while going outside or wear a scarf to protect your hair from extreme damage. Harmful ultraviolet rays can damage your hair and may result in hair loss. When you buy a hat, make sure that it should not a tight one around your head or it can affect your hair growth.

Sometimes, Hair Loss is Temporary

Doctors say that different conditions can cause temporary hair loss but it does not mean they won’t grow back. Severe stress can also cause hair loss or the childbirth process can also affect your hair. If the affected parts of your head still have hair follicles, it means there are chances of hair regrowth.

Both Men and Women Experience Hair Loss

Yes, it is true that both men and women can experience hair loss due to hereditary factors. It can be inherited from your mother or father’s side. But male pattern baldness is more common than female pattern baldness.

Good Nutrition Has Nothing to Do With Hair Loss

It is a myth because researchers say that hair loss can be prevented with good nutrition. A balanced intake of meat, eggs, and seafood can help you get healthy hair follicles. People who consume too much vitamin A are also at risk of getting hair damage. Intake of vitamin A can also slow down the hair growth cycle.

Carbs Cause Hair Loss

A myth: There is no such evidence that shows the negative effects of carbs on your hair health. The reason is crystal clear carbs provide vitamins and nourishment to your hair. Supplements and vitamins can help to restore hair health.

Final Thought

Losing your hair in clumps is not a good sign at all as it can be a sign of any medical condition. Taking good care of your hair can save you from a hair transplant. You should get medical help as soon as possible and not try any treatment until you know the cause of your hair loss.

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