It’s always important to observe the details of the finer parts of your car while cleaning it. Otherwise, the whole cleaning process can turn into a nightmare and ruin your car’s appearance. So, here we will regard the things people do most commonly while washing their car so that you do not repeat the exact mistakes.

  • Not Following The Correct Order-

The order in which you clean your car is essential, and most people do not follow the correct order. The incorrect order is not being cleaned properly, but it can also damage some of its parts. 

So, what is the correct order to wash the car?

  • Start with washing your car inside out. First, clean the interior of the vehicle, including all the parts such as cracks on the dashboard, seat belts, upholstery, ventilation system, breaks, carpet, plastic and rubber molding, and everything. 
  • Use the right products to wash the car and its parts. Not all the parts of the vehicle are made of the same material, so you have to clean a specific part with the appropriate product.
  • Washing The Car With Dishwasher-

The cleaning is best when a car is washed carefully by hand, but unfortunately, most drivers do not do it properly. Or if you do, they use improper products on the car that can cause a lot of damage to this shield that protects its paint coating.

Some people realize it and wash their car with a dishwasher or soap. It can yield a lot of damage to the paint. So, instead of the dishwasher, use a car wash liquid and soft towels to remove the dirt and contaminants from the car.

Car wash liquids often form a gel or form-like application to strip off all the dirt and grime of the car’s body and interior. They do not remove the protective wax coating from the vehicle and protect the paint.

Also, we recommend that you use a particular car washer liquid for the interiors of cars like seats and carpet if they are made of leather. However, if you use a multipurpose car wash, you are good to go. 

Along with the suitable car wash, use the multi-bucket strategy. It works the best instead of using one bucket. You can use one bucket to create the soapy solution using the car wash liquid and another to rinse using a soft towel.

  • Cleaning The Upholstery And Carpets With Normal Soup-

We could not stress more that you can’t use the same car wash on all the car parts. Every part, such as the upholstery, requires special cleaning. 

The interior of the car is sensitive to using the wrong cleaning product. Leather and cloth materials can certainly be unforgiving when treated with something abrasive or too harsh. So, be a little careful. 

Use special leather care products like shampoos and conditioners to free the leather from dirt and grime.

Next to the upholstery comes the carpets. Carpets are not so sensitive but can be damaged if not washed properly. So to prevent it, remove them out of the car and then wash them with the wash liquid. Gentle foam cleansers can remove all the dirt and debris from the carpets without even allowing them to be soaked. So, if you want to save the downtime of drying the carpets, it is better to use one of these foam cleansers.

  • Never Inspecting The Tiny Cracks And Dashboard Of Your Car-

Another mistake that you can make while cleaning your car is leaving the tiny cracks of the dashboard untouched. Leaving those cracks untouched is not a good idea because the debris in the cracks will eventually clog them.

It can be challenging to clean the cracks, but to make the process a little easier, use a soft brush. You can get the brush used to clean the cracks on the car online easily.

  • Do Not Paying Attention To The Ventilation System- 

Do not ever avoid cleaning the ventilation system of the car. It is equally important to clean as any other part of your car. Ventilation is the most commonplace for the bacteria to harbor, which can spoil the entire environment of the vehicle. Along with the bacteria, the ventilation system can also become the victim of corrosion and rust, which makes the cleaning even more necessary. 

So, to keep the car clean and its environment hygienic, make sure to clean the ventilation system. You can use any cooling system or ventilation cleanser to relieve the ventilation system from dirt.

  • Leaving The Engine System Flooded With Grime-

By cleaning the car engine, not only can you make the dirt, gunk, and debris go away, but you also identify the issues that are causing the problems in your car.

The maintenance of the engine will help you reduce the rusting or damage that may occur in the interior passageways. So by means of cleaning the engine, you are taking care of the engine and its parts and also the car’s interior.

In summary, by freeing your car engine from any external elements, you are improving its life span, preventing a reduction in performance, and ensuring that the engine and its parts work at their best.

  • Rarely Drying Your Car- 

Water spots can ruin your hard work, so you will want to remove the water spots, which most people don’t do. However, be careful not to rub the car paint roughly because it can cause scratches.

Use a dry soft towel and rise all the water drops carefully from the body of the car straight down to the wheels. Be sure to dry your car before the sun dries it for you.

  • Hardly Waxing It-

The last typical mistake on our list is not applying the wax on the car. Using the waxing is as important as cleaning the vehicle. Neither too much nor not too less, you should wax your car properly. It will prevent the paint coating of your car and make it look new. Also, it is essential to apply the wax at the right temperature and not in the sunlight.

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