It is now well known that the evolution to 4.0 has led and is leading to the birth of ever new , increasingly diversified and increasingly specific professional figures . However, it certainly makes you smile tight-lipped to discover that, according to Focus, one of the new professions that will be increasingly popular is that of the curator of the digital will .

Once the initial surprise phase has been overcome , however, a less superficial reflection is sufficient to understand how a figure like this is actually indispensable . In fact, when a person passes away, his assets no longer include only real estate and assets. But also something else – no less important and no less worthy of safeguarding. We refer to passwords, accounts, profiles and pages on social networks, the provision of credit and debit online and so on.

In practice, digital is now intrinsically linked to our daily life , as much as our home or our car and, in the case of a deceased loved one, must therefore be considered and managed with the utmost attention.

The figure of the curator of the digital will is already a reality in the United States , so much so that Focus magazine even defines him as an “ online embalmer ”. Among the pioneers of this new profession is Annette Adamska, CEO of the company “Back Up Your Life”.

But how does the company operate?

Start by interviewing your client, so as to put down on paper what he wants to be documented, shared, archived or deleted . Back Up Your Life provides specific service plans for the management of various types of online activities: from social media profiles to online registrations, from storing passwords to documents in the cloud to recurring payments, and so on.

The basic plan, costing $ 345 , includes an assessment of your situation and a dedicated interview. According to the CEO of Back Up Your Life, “it is important that other people in your life can access these services and know how you want them to be managed .”

Paradoxically, most Back Up Your Life clients are between the ages of 30 and 40 , but perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise either. The new generations are in fact more accustomed to digital life and increasingly understand its impressive impact in their daily lives .

Adamska continues: “I help my clients with an overall strategy and work with them to create a personalized action plan on what they need to do to leave directions to others”.

What about the security aspect? In most cases, customers don’t even have to provide their passwords or confidential information. Sensitive data are in fact kept safe on a third-party online platform , authorized to make them accessible to designated persons only at the right time.

Advanced curation: the curation of computerize items and data may be directly get. From curation as portrayed above, however “information curation” moves the accentuation and brings an extra thought into play. The curation of examination information – crude and preoccupied material made as a component of exploration cycles. And which might be utilize again as the contribution to additional examination. Worries about with it the concern of catching and saving the actual information. Yet data about the strategies by which it was deliver.

Assuming that the strategies used to create the information are algorithmic. The actual technique might will be catch and arrange. Since these techniques and data on the objectives associated with making the information are many times. The fundamental for its resulting understanding and reuse. They can be view as a significant piece of the actual information.

Moreover, in light of the fact that reuse is a particularly critical point. Effectively arranged information necessities to stay practical, and this might require ordinary changes to its state. At the ongoing time, a vital part of humanities information curation is accordingly to guarantee. That the portrayals of objects of concentrate in the humanities capacities really as information. That they are processable by machines and interoperable to such an extent that. They are solidly processable across frameworks assortments whiles actually holding provenance and complex layers of significance.


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