No garden design is complete without taking into account lighting. Garden lights can give your garden a whole new dimension– especially when it gets to sunset. They’re especially effective when mixed in with other light styles.

Features of Downlight

Fluorescent lights are best used for retail stores, art galleries, theatres, showrooms, and more. These lights can create different ambiance by adjusting the intensity to match the requirement. One might confuse these lights with spotlights since they appear to be the same. However, there is an immense difference between the two. Fluorescent lights are mounted to the ceiling, whereas spotlights are fixed on the wall or ceiling. Fluorescent lights shine down vertically whereas spotlights are directional light fixtures that converge a small area into a spot.

Types of Downlight

There are many varieties or types of downlight globes. Depending on your requirement or the make of the already fitted light, the following options can be considered for a better experience.

  • MR16 – This is the most common category of light bulb and is known as GU5.3. They are low voltage and can hang anywhere. These bulbs use a halogen bulb and are usually on for about 30 minutes at a time. However, they also require a transformer, which isn’t ideal.
  • GU10 LED – This is the most common type of light fixture, and it’s used a lot in most homes. They can also be called GU5.3 bulbs, and they’re the type of fixture that you would have in low voltage downlights and standard light fixtures. Earlier these lights would have a halogen bulb that was about 50W or 35W. They use a transformer to power them.
  •  MR11 – MR11 or G4 bulbs come from the same family as MR16 bulbs. They are also known as bi-pin low voltage downlights. These lights are commonly used for kitchens and cabinets.
  • G4 and G9 Globes- The G9 Globes consume the mains voltage of 240V. All these bulbs are in compact capsule form factors commonly seen in some of the fittings in this category.
  • AR111 – AR111 or G53 bulbs are more extensive, also called 12V spotlights. They are often used in retail shops, hotels, and a few residencies. Note that these lights have a GU10 connector, so be sure to test the socket before using it.
  • E27 Bulbs- The fitting contains a reflector globe with a standard Edison Screw base. The fittings are often used as an R80 or the same kind of bulbs.
  • PL lamps- The large diameter is used in commercial buildings.

Where to Buy Downlights?

Lights are a crucial part of any space, and there are many types of lights depending on a person’s needs. For this reason, it can be difficult to find the best lighting for your space, and even more difficult to find ones in stock. Here at AGM Electrical Supplies, we have a wide variety of options from this category so that choosing the best downlight won’t be difficult. We only have high-quality downlights uploaded on our website from our wide array of brands that have all been tried and tested by us.

Best Downlight Companies:

Several renowned companies are making the category of the appliance. A few of the best ones are as follows:

Phillips – Phillips is a world-renowned brand making various electrical and electronic appliances, including this category. They make the best and the most reliable category of the type.

Havells – Havells being another pioneer in the field of manufacturing the type of fixture. The quality of the product made is top-notch and reliable.

Syska – for the best quality at the most competitive rates, the company has some of the best options.

LED Downlight Buying Guide:

Choosing an LED downlight for professional or home use is quite a daunting task. There are many options available, and it’s tough to choose the one that best suits your needs. The key is having some parameters to consider when making your decision:

Ideal use

There are many options for whatever kind of space you’re looking for. There are different options for all kinds of spaces, so it’s important to consider what kind of place you’re buying the mat for and what it will be used for. For example, if it’s a multipurpose space, you may want a mat that has more cushion so it can also be use as a toy or chair.

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LED Downlights from AGM Electrical Supplies

Looking for an LED Downlight that is both high quality and available at a wholesale rate? Look no further than AGM Electrical Supplies. Our LED Downlights are perfect for a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and more. Plus, our lights come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. So whether you’re looking for a traditional downlight or something more modern, we have you covered.


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