Custom printing packaging sleeve allow you to personalize your items at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke box.

However, just because branding is important doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on it in order to succeed in selling your goods.

A package sleeve may be a mystery to you. When looking for personalized packaging, you may have come across the phrase “belly bands.”

Custom box sleeve and belly band packaging are both used to describe the same item.

In a Nutshell:

You may use packaging sleeves or belly band packaging to help you brand your goods without having to place it in a custom-printed box that would cost you extra money.

A packing sleeve is similar to a cylinder in that it has no ends or closing tucks. Like any other box. A box sleeve may be personalized with branding components, product and nutritional information. And even cuts to give it a unique appearance.

Soap bars and socks, for example, may be wrapped in paper wrapping sleeves.

Why go with a bespoke sleeve for your product?

You don’t have to sacrifice quality if you choose a less expensive packing choice. You don’t have to worry about the paper. We print on is durable enough to be used as independent packaging since it’s the same material we use for bespoke boxes. You may get a lot of use out of the many different types of custom printed sleeve boxes.

Here is a look at how custom box sleeves may benefit you.

Professional appearance at a modest price

Custom printed packaging sleeves enable you to purchase generic boxes at a reasonable price and quickly brand them. Custom printed sleeve boxes are more expensive in most other markets, so you’ll want to budget your money carefully if you’re just starting off. 

Therefore, with our help, you can get a custom box sleeve that not only looks extremely professional but is also available to you at reasonable rates. packaging globe is the best company in the usa.

It is possible to purchase a white blank box or a customized box that suits your goods. Which can then be covered with an attractive printed sleeve. That makes the box appear like a personalized product.

Custom printed sleeve packaging at a low cost

It’s less expensive to print a printed sleeve instead of a 6-sided box, which may consume up to twice as much paper – and indirectly, ink. Even better, you’re also doing your part to save the environment!

Suitable for use in any sector

A personalized custom box sleeve may be used to spruce up any product. For every sector, there’s no limit to what may be wrapped in the professional looking custom printed sleeve boxes. From pet items to cosmetics, toys and food, packing sleeves are an excellent choice.

For seasonal packaging or product changes, small-quantity printing

Because custom printed package sleeves enable you to offer your product in a variety of seasons, they are one of our favorite features. For example, if you’re a chocolate company. You can simply add a custom-printed sleeve to your usual boxes to create a festive edition.

Showcase Your Unique Products and Services.

Use a paper sleeve to make your custom printed sleeve boxes specials as well. As an example, if you put together three of your best-selling soap smells in a gift box, you’ll have a fast-selling product.

Streamlines the process of packing

In order to save time and money, custom printed packing sleeves are a breeze to use. You just slip one over the box or directly over the goods and it’s ready for sale.

Why Choose Us?

The greatest thing about using our service is that you won’t have to break the cash in order to promote your goods in the best possible manner. Our bespoke sleeves are your best bet for making a statement. Contact us now to learn more about our box sleeves.


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