Before making the choice for a professional big data developer for the big data solution, companies need to analyze the type of data that needs evaluation. Making sure about the insights gained from the valuable data and the big data resource for deploying a big data platform, companies consider the different aspects of big data demands. However, to roll out predictive analytics and statistical models for more business insights, companies need big data developers to fulfill all their big data needs.

Looking into the company’s big data demands, thorough research for the big data professionals has become a profound need. However, depending on the complexity of the data, a company needs the right big data developer for dealing with the massive amount of data.

Identify if the right skills are on board

An organization needs a particular set of skills in a big data source to understand the requirement of the business’s big data solution. Big data resources with expertise in different skills are a key to success for any organization looking are big data solutions. However, a unique blend of these skills helps best to make the choice for the best big data developer among the crowd. Take note of these skill sets to hire the best data developers for fulfilling the needs of your organization.

Expertise in a programming language

A professional big data developer can be chosen by their expertise in coding and programming skills. Being well versed in programming languages such as Javascript, Python, SAS, Scala, R, and others help developers to carry out different business tasks. As different types of programming languages have the potential to handle different types of data, extensive knowledge of languages is a plus.

Moreover, along with the programming language skills, expertise in Apache Spark and MapReduce frameworks helps with making the selection easier for big data professionals.

Familiarity with quantitative analysis

Big data developers with quantitative analysis skills will bring great benefits to the company. As quantitative analysis revolves around mathematics particularly linear algebra and calculus, professionals with an understanding of mathematics and statistics will help in excelling in big data roles. To understand the complex data, familiarity with the different tools including SPSS, SAS, R, and JMP will be a plus.

Good knowledge about public cloud and hybrid cloud

Most big data developers use a cloud set up for storing a large volume of data in cloud computing which has become important in the field of big data analytics. Cloud computing makes it easier and handy for the developers to deploy efficient data solutions who are dwelling deep into large data sets. Different companies prefer using different cloud storage solutions to deal with their large volume of data as per the company’s requirements.

Great data mining skills

Data mining skills are an indispensable need for a professional big data developer. A big data developer should have a good understanding of the different data mining tools that will greatly help companies to analyze, plan, and predict data for business growth. Expertise in specialized data mining tools such as Orange, Knime, Weka, RapidMiner, MoneyLearn, etc. will be a plus for big data professionals.

Scrutinize the soft skills thoroughly

The technical skills that big data developers require for fulfilling big data job roles, soft skills are equally important.

Problem-solving skills

A qualified big data developer should have the ability to have different problem-solving skills. An ability to identify the problems and implementation of the practices to solve a problem should be essential for experienced professionals. Moreover, an ability to sort out different technical problems should be the utmost skill of the big data professionals.

Innovative thinking

An ability to think innovatively and come up with the most innovative solution to a big data problem greatly enhance the operational efficiency and processes of the organization. The critical thinking ability for analyzing problems and their solutions will overall spruce up the organizational performance.

Product understanding

Big data professionals should also excel in the product understanding skills of the organization. Having a complete understanding of the product helps professionals implement the innovative approach to a solution. This is the most important skill every big data developer needs to have for big data roles.


Picking the right big data developer the first time around will help businesses to set themselves up for great success. However, taking advantage of these considerations will help businesses in determining whether a big data resource is appropriate or not.

Moreover, individuals who are seriously looking for opting for a big data profession should consider taking big data courses. Those seeking to upskill themselves in this highly emerging domain should go for different learning modules and courses. Both theses really help the best in making a professional career in big data.


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