If you want to buy one of the best tablets in 2022, you’ll have a lot of options. So, to help you make the best decision, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

There are several options available at the tablet repair shops in the UK for those looking for an iPad-style tablet or a workhorse with keyboard and pen peripherals and those looking for an all-purpose slate, ranging from Apple’s iPad line to Android and Windows solutions.

To make things easier, we’ve only included the best tablets 2022 offers if you’re looking for a tablet for your children to play with, one of the fancy higher-end alternatives from Apple or other Android producers, or you simply want to save money.

Best Tablets Available at Computer and Phone Repair in the UK

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The Galaxy Tab S8 succeeds as a high-end Android tablet. You can use it to get things done fast, it’s better as a quick all-purpose device to do work and play more enjoyable, and you can find it at any phone repair shop.

A DeX-friendly workplace and investment in the Galaxy ecosystem make it an ideal secondary display or note-taking device at work, especially for individuals who like gaming on their couch or reading comics on their laptops.

Apple iPad 2021

It’s fine as long as you don’t mind the 8th-generation appearance of the 9th-generation iPad. The A13 Bionic processor improves the performance of the 2021 iPad just enough to keep up with new machine learning features like LiveText in iPadOS 15.

The iPad’s screen is still brilliant and vibrant at this price point, which is exactly what it requires. Apple’s approved accessories remain the first-generation Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio, which may be easier to use for many people than third-party Bluetooth solutions and easily available at the best iphone repair company in the UK.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

It’s not uncommon for things to go wrong the first time. The Surface Go two targets and eliminates all of its predecessor’s flaws. To begin with, smaller bezels allow for a larger tablet screen, which is unquestionably the most important tablet feature. The original Surface Go had a 10-inch display; the new model has a 10.5-inch display.

The Surface Go 2’s battery life is five hours longer than the first Surface Go. Microsoft has also fulfilled my desire for a laptop with a high-quality webcam by releasing the Surface Laptop. A second front-facing camera enables Windows Hello biometric login with a 5-megapixel, 1080p resolution. The Surface Go 2 with the 8th Gen Intel Core M3 update is a tad more expensive at $629, but it is unquestionably the multitasker device and is available at all phone repair shops.


When purchasing one of the finest tablets in 2022, there are so many possibilities that it might be difficult to choose. We’ve put up this simple guide to help you make the best selection.

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