If you call a laminate floor your own, at some point the moment comes when the floor covering has to be resurfaced. This can be because the laminate has damage or simply because you no longer like it and you want to redesign the room. One then inevitably asks oneself the question of where to go with the disused laminate flooring.

If this is hazardous waste or can the floor covering be disposed of without hesitation with household waste or .dem bulky waste. Also not unimportant in this context is the question of what it costs to dispose of the laminate flooring with the Best hardwood Floor Sander.

How much does it cost to dispose of laminate?

No matter for what reason you remove the laminate flooring in your home, the costs for disposing of it are usually limited. However, if you commission a craftsman to remove and dispose of the covering, further costs for transport to the recycling centre or recycling centre will be incurred.

In this example, 60 square meters of laminate should be disposed of professionally as part of a renovation or refurbishment. Whereby the costs refer very strongly to the entire order volume and it can therefore also come at different prices from craft business to craft business.

Remove the laminate from the substrate

In most cases, the laminate floor is floating, so there is no firm connection to the substrate. Removing the laminate floor is very easy in these cases. Depending on the craftsman, around 2 euros per square meter of flooring are usually charged here. If impact sound insulation also has to be removed, the price usually increases by 0.50 to 1.00 euros per square meter.

It usually becomes more expensive if the laminate is firmly glued. Here you should already expect 4 to 5 euros per square meter. If there is damage to the substrate caused by the adhesives, a further 2 to 3 euros per square meter can usually be incurred for the partial spatula and priming of the floor.

Costs incurred for transport and disposal

The floor covering is neither heavy nor bulky, so you can drive it with your own car to the disposal company. If there are larger quantities, then it is worth renting a mini container. On average, you have to expect about € 0.50 more per square meter of laminate for disposal.

Certainly, a removal in the residual waste bin is hardly an option, because per 10 square meters of floor covering you have to expect 200 to 400 liters of material. A common garbage can has a volume of 120 to 240 liters.

In many cases, the option of bulky waste is available here. It is also possible to drive the floor covering to the recycling centre on your own. For this you can rent a trailer with low costs or maybe even have the possibility to get a larger van cost-effectively.

Leave laminate in the apartment

In many cases, tenants have the opportunity to leave the laminate in the apartment after consultation with the landlord. If the installation of new laminate is to be carried out or a carpet is to be laid over the previous floor covering, you should bear in mind that the floor structure will be so higher and you have to shorten the adjacent doors in a hallway.

Which factors make disposal more expensive?

The removal of the laminate floor in conjunction with the arrival and departure means a significant effort for the specialist company. Some craft businesses are increasingly accommodating their customers in terms of price.

If layers of the coating are rotten or moldy or interspersed with chemicals, this usually leads to impacts during removal. In extreme cases, the material is also hazardous waste.

Burning in the oven on your own

In most cases, the recyclable laminate consists of wood fibers, plastic, adhesive residues and resins. The situation is different when burning in the domestic oven, because the substances are not suitable for this. They damage both the fireplace and the combustion chamber of the stove and even more so the air.

To dispose of combustible material in this way, you can apply for a special permit, so that this disposal method becomes legal.

Checklist to dispose of laminate

Before disposing of

Measuring soil to determine square meters or cubic meters

Advertise an order with as precise information as possible

Removing the laminate

Order an appointment for bulky waste collection

Coordinate the date for the removal of the floor covering with the removal date

Completely clear out the room the day before

Have the floor removed or removed yourself

Final work

Provide flooring for pickup

Sweep and clean the room

possibly have the soil refurbished

lay new flooring

Re-entering space

Important for the correct disposal of laminate

 For larger quantities, however, this is very time-consuming and can last for many weeks. Alternatively, you can also hand in the covering yourself at the nearest recycling centre. In certain quantities, the delivery is free of charge.

In most cases, a trunk load does not even cost 10 euros.

If you have the laminate floor removed by a specialist company as part of a renovation, you can usually also order the disposal.

Although this usually costs a small surcharge, you save the work of getting rid of the laminate yourself. If you are renovating or renovating at home, then it can be worthwhile to order a mixed container for construction rubble.

Is laminate recyclable?

Laminate is recyclable in any case. In contrast to many other building materials, laminate has a good environmental.

Disposal to a craftsman or take it into your own hands. Laminate is very recyclable and reusable, which gives it a good environmental balance.

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