Cedar roofs are popular because of their durability, energy efficient quality, resistance to severe storms, and exceptional beauty. It is fascinating to watch the material gently age into a serene grayish silver tone. However, if you want to choose a different color coating for this material, this guide is here to help you. Compiled by experts providing the best roofing Philadelphia, this guide will furnish you with all the information you need to install a cedar roof that perfectly complements your exterior aesthetics.

Light vs. dark hues

Several factors help determine whether light cedar roofing Philadelphia is ideal or dark. For instance:

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The overall color of the property

Certain design aesthetics call for roof colors that blend well with the color of your home. On the other hand, choosing a darker color than the house’s tone is an exciting alternative. However, if the walls are already a dark hue with less siding area, adding another dark style on top could seem too much.

Matching the brick colors

Unlike a sided home that you can repaint, one with brick exteriors tends to stay the same. Therefore, you need to be extra sure about the color palette when matching a cedar roof with the brick colors and vice versa. As a general rule of thumb, you should look for color elements in the bricks that you want to highlight. Examples can be reds, golds, grays, and browns. Once you know which shades you want to draw out, you can pick a cedar roof stain matching those shades.


Some design aesthetics look best with minimal color tones. Usually, cedar roofing has a very pleasing neutral color of its own. You can choose to leverage this quality by not staining or painting the shingles in any way. Instead, you can go for a more elegant and minimal theme and match the exterior walls with a coat of white paint, tints of caramel, creams, pastels, etc. A touch of gold or copper accents on the outside of your doors and windows is all you need to complete this look.

Complementary colors

On the other end of the color theme spectrum, you can choose to keep things beautifully opposite. In other words, using contrasting palettes can help differentiate the walls and roofs very interestingly. In addition, complementary colors lend a unique character to every part of the construction, allowing you to play around with more creative elements to your taste.


Understanding the natural look and texture of cedar roofing

When it comes to the natural cedar palette, you only have red and white options. However, each of these cedar shingles has unique properties that make them extremely pleasing to look at.

Red cedar shingles

Featuring a tight grain, red cedar withers to a rich, dark hue with time. The closed grain makes it difficult for the roofing to absorb color efficiently. Therefore, when you want to stain these shingles, you have to be very careful about the type of stains you pick. Making a mistake there can create an inconsistent, blotchy look.

White cedar shingles

These usually have a single, wider grain. It weathers into a uniform silver shade over time. Their lighter natural tone and texture make them ideal for high color absorption. So, the variety of colors and stains you can experiment with is relatively wide in the case of white cedar roofing. Interestingly, a coat of paint also helps protect these shingles from natural wear and tear.

Stain vs. paint

What is better for coloring cedar? Surface preparation is critical when painting cedar. It should be free from dust, mildew, or deposits of any kind. It would help if you remembered that not all cedar would paint the same way. Besides, uniformly painting all edges can be difficult. Paint may also crack and peel easily, causing more trouble later.

Contrarily, staining cedar has several benefits. It easily seeps into all the nooks and crannies, coating the grains evenly. The protective layer is light and only seals the surface against damage caused by natural elements. Unlike paint, it does not add another layer of bulk, making the shingles work overtime. Stains also allow you to preserve the natural beauty of cedar, highlighting the beautiful textures and swirls, keeping it nice and rustic once finished.


We hope this guide has given you more clarity on the colors you would want in your cedar roof. The key is to match the available and possible color combinations to create your favorite look. The experts at Roofing Tops are always there to help you with a detailed color consultation so that you can enjoy the best roofing in a look that reflects your personality.


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