What awaits us in 2022 , as far as Digital Marketing is concerned ? What are the trends to keep an eye on and the approaches to consider as part of a successful strategy?

According to various sector specialists, 2020 will (again) be the year of reconfirmation for influencer marketing, for content marketing, for web videos and for the ability of companies to engage their users with truly interesting content. 

Social Influencer Marketing and its role in product recommendation

As for Social Influencer Marketing , it promises to be a moment of absolute ascent. Internet celebrities are now increasingly popular as testimonials for products and services. And their millions of followers are naturally tempting for companies of all levels. 

It is therefore expect that there will be many investments in this sense and the reason is simple and logical. The public is compose of individuals and individuals, by their nature, are more incline to listen to the purchase suggestions of someone who appreciate, admire and they trust. In percentage terms, 92% of the audience declares to trust the recommendation of an influencer rather than the corporate communication of a brand.

The videos? Still important, increasingly indispensable 

The predominance of video content in digital marketing strategies has been known for some years, and is also confirmed for what is to come. This tool was already a must in 2019 and, in 2020, even greater investments are expected in the creation of high quality corporate and product videos , designed to support comprehensive strategies. 

In recent years, the budget allocate by companies in the production of video content has systematically increase by 25% , and this simply to meet the needs of users who are increasingly orient to “watching”. An example? 78% of online users are willing to watch video advertising in exchange for premium content to download. 

Not only that: a growth in “educational” content is also expected , appreciated by the public as much as infotainment ones. SMEs will inevitably also have to take note of this important change. 

The need for companies to respond to micromoments is growing 

Have you ever heard of the so-called ” micromoments “? They are defined as those moments, distributed throughout the day, in which a person perceives a need , has a curiosity to satisfy or is looking for an answer . In some cases, if the companies’ response to the micromotion is adequate, these moments can end with a purchasing process .

The trend for 2022 will be to adequately manage these important decision-making moments. I.e. in the ability to offer timely and efficient answers to the request that, in the vast majority of cases. The user will make with his mobile device (smartphone or tablet). How? By proposing a relevant ad at the right time. On the right channel (for example on social networks, or on search engines) and to the right audience. 

According to Google, the correct way in which marketers will have to manage micromoments. It will reverberate in their ability to ” be there quickly and useful “. At the base of this strategy there is of course the analysis of the target audience. And their needs, and the ability to channel the user into the sales funnel with the most appropriate digital tools. 

Content Marketing turns into Digital Experience 

Content Marketing will still be important in 2022, but it will have to turn into an experience for both the brand and the reader. In this sense, the Digital Experience is the perfect synergy between content and context , understood as a communication capable of conveying an experience through elements such as text, positioning, design. 

As always, the focal point will be the personalization and the ability, on the part of companies. To engage their users with a digital marketing strategy capable of involving them and making them feel protagonists . This can only happen with a Content Marketing whose control is fully in the hands of the marketer, but in an increasingly holistic way : it will therefore have to focus on the brand experience as much as on the perception that the user will have of it. 

Interactivity first of all 

Finally, in the context of digital marketing trends for 2022. It will be necessary to focus on the increasingly marked need to live interactive experiences. This is what the user is already looking for. This is why content that includes shoppable posts (by tapping on a post. The name and price is immediately display, as well as the possibility of buying), AR / VR, 360-degree videos, quizzes, polls, direct and stories will have to enter. part of the digital marketing strategies of companies. 

The higher the level of interactivity provided, the better the result in terms of brand reputation and awareness . At the same time, it will give the user the impression of being completely immerse in digital content.

Happy 2022!


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