s2022 has just begun and it’s time to take a look at the Digital Marketing trends for the next twelve months . As is well known, the importance of this business sector can no longer be ignored since its influence on the performance of products and services of any sector and scope is undeniable . As usual, also for 2022 the objectives of the Digital Agencies will essentially reside in the increase in demand for client brands.

But how ? Let’s see together the trends that will guide the market.

  1. A Facebook boost?  Facebook is still in first place among the most used social media, and users over 65 years of age are also increasing. In the United States alone, this slice of audience now covers 41%. Marketers are interest in this demographic, and in practice this will mean new digital marketing strategies design. For a senior audience, which on the network can be identify on Facebook more than on any other social network.
  2. Instagram: the champion among young people  If Facebook is the reference point for mature users, Instagram, on the other hand, is of interest to younger internet users. Thanks to the ever-increasing optimization for the video tool, Instagram is currently the most used social network by young groups. With a metric that has now exceeded one billion users. In practice, this is equivalent to a series of new digital marketing strategies. On the platform aimed at targeting users under 30 in a targeted way.
  3. Chatbot  An increase in the use of chatbots is expected in 2022, ie those software that act as a “virtual concierge” in communicating with users and assisting in completing specific actions. They are already use on countless brand or service websites and on social media like Facebook. But this make of automation is set to increase further after showing a major surge in 2021.
  4. Videos continue to dominate  As predicted in recent years, videos are and remain the most popular medium on the net. This is equivalent to the need, on the part of Digital Marketer, to strategically and effectively set up real Video Digital Marketing projects not only on the classic YouTube, but also on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The watchword for 2022 will be: brand personality.
  5. Live video  Not to be confused with the previous ones, they should instead be considered as a separate entity but no less important for this. Thanks to the increase in streaming services and popular channels like Twitch. Which allow users to share the online game live. Live streaming is set to consolidate in the coming months as well. In this case, the strategic objective will be to create live interactions between the brand and the target audience. With questions and answers in real time.

  6. Quality contents  Also for 2022 they will continue to prove fundamental in the study of effective Digital Marketing strategies. Content Marketing confirms its strategic and operational solidity and  an increase emphasis on the nuances of the contents is expect. Space therefore for texts of the highest quality, and increasingly in-depth and sophisticate. So as to demonstrate a profound knowledge of the target audience.
  7. Personalized Email  Email continues to be an essential communication channel, with billions of users using it for personal, commercial, industrial, legal, scientific and academic reasons. In other words, email has a well-defined role and occupies a first-rate place at the strategic level. It is therefore inevitable that email marketing must evolve, and that the generic nature of communications can no longer work. Space, therefore, for mailing strategies that are increasingly design for the single reference user. Also thanks to automation systems that are more sophisticate than ever.
  8. Voice interaction  A growing trend and destined not to stop this year. Thanks to systems such as Siri, Google, Alexa and similar and the now widespread diffusion of smart devices, voice interaction between man and machine has never been so important and will soon become the predominant mode. At the moment the market is still under study, and can be improve and expand according to specific project objectives. However, it is important to takes into consideration. That this trends is set to become massive already in the near future.



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