It can be Civil Liability insurance, a health policy dedicated to any health problems of the pet, or a multi-risk policy that also covers the risks related to the animal.

Pet insurance: mandatory or optional?

Pet Insurance for dogs and cats insurance usually optional, at the discretion of the pet owner.

There is only one case in which it is mandatory to take out the Civil Liability policy for damages against third parties : this is the eventuality in which a veterinarian report declares the animal at high risk of aggression, following episodes of aggression or violence 

However, in Italy, the owner is always responsible by law. Both legally and civilly, for the damage caused by their pet, which is why taking out insurance can be useful.

If the cat damages the condominium garden or the dog bites the postman, a third party liability policy for dogs and cats allows you to protect material and physical damage caused to people.

An insurance that covers veterinary medical expenses , on the other hand, can be very convenient in light of the costs that often involve taking care of the health and well-being of our four-legged friends.

Civil liability for pets

The guarantee of Civil Liability dedicated to pets intervenes in all situations in which the dog or cat causes damage, inside or outside the family. Damage to material assets and physical damage, more or less serious. Cause to third parties or to family members are cover. Generally, the guarantee also operates when the pet is cared for by an external person appoint by the family unit. In any case, it is always advisable to check in the policy text that the guarantee.

The Legal Protection guarantee can be added to the RC policy , which allows you to obtain a reimbursement of legal expenses if a dispute arises due to an accident.

The protection for damage caused by dogs and cats is frequently part of the guarantees offered by the Head of Family liability policy , which protects against the consequences of damage to third parties caused by a member of the family unit.

It is always essential to check, before signing the contract. That the insurance coverage is valid for the breed of your pet. It may not extend to all dogs and cats without limitations. In particular, if you want to insure another animal species. It is necessary to verify that the coverage refers in a broad sense to all pets.

Policy for veterinary care, injuries and illnesses

The pet health policy is insurance that covers veterinary medical expenses related to certain health problems in dogs and cats. In particular:

  • Accidents, veterinary first aid care and any subsequent expenses;
  • Illnesses, reimbursement of expenses for visits, examinations and the purchase of medicines;
  • surgical interventions;
  • admissions to veterinary clinics;
  • rehabilitation treatments.

As with all accident and sickness policies, deductibles e envisage. Oblige the insured to bear part of the costs incurred. Another discriminating factor could be the age of the pet, as companies often place restrictions on this.

Pet fees are deductible

In addition to insurance, the tax authorities can be used to recover veterinary expenses . The state provides concessions for all those who own an animal.

Medical expenses such as vaccinations , visits and medicines prescribed by the veterinarian can be deducted , provided that the relevant receipts and invoices are kept .

By completing the tax return with the single form or 730, a deduction of 19% of the veterinary expenses incurred by the taxpayer for pets is foreseen. The deduction is apply to the difference between the total expense and the deductible sum provide up to the maximum limit allow.

Veterinary expenses deductions not included

However, not all expenses dedicated to our animals are deductible.

In particular, it is not possible to deduct non-prescription veterinary drugs, all food and feed and pesticides.

Insure the pet while traveling

Some new car policies also include the possibility of insuring these special passengers against any accidents suffered while traveling, so as to ensure the necessary veterinary care after an accident. For the insurance to intervene, the dog or cat must transported in accordance with the law.

The important thing is not to abandon our animal friends in the summer, leaving them to a sealed fate.


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