According to hindu astrology, Pachang is a traditional calendar. Which can tell you about all the important events. Preeti is hindu girl. She always used to forget important hindu religious festivals dates. So her mother suggested her to follow today panchang tithi for getting the information of important hindu dates. 

Pachanch in hindi is hindu yearbook. It represents five elements: water, air, water, earth, sky and fire. With the help of today panchang you can also get the right mahuat and vidhi. It can tell you the right time when to start a new business, job. when to buy a new house, car etc. 

To find out the favorable time in a person’s life to start anything new. Pachang is used to compare the effect of  current planetary position. With the planetary position of a person’s know whether to go ahead with your work or not. 

What is the importance of today panchang 

Panchang represents important dates in the tabular form. Astrologers can get proper information. Choosing the right day and right time is very important to start anything new. Today panchang tithi can tell you the accurate event and its importance in hindu culture.To start any new work or anything new right time is very significant. 

To plan important things like marriage, starting a new business, job interviews etc. You should have the proper information. Information about the planetary position. Does your planet configuration match the current planetary position? To start anything new this factor is very important.

Pachang refers to the five elements of the day.  Tithi (lunar day), Yoga (lunar week). Vara (weekday), Nakshatra (constellation), and Karana (crescent moon). Mahurat represents the time at which these five elements are balanced. Many astrologers use panchang in hindi for telling about proper time. To start any important event.

Why do you use today panchang?  

  1. From panchang, anyone can come to know about bad times or muhurat during the day.The ketu and rahu have bad impact on materialistic activity.
  2. To start with anything important and new we can get the shubh muhurat from today panchang.
  3. Through panchang, the position of our planets with other current planets are also known. 
  4. Position of the sun, moon can also be  known with the help of panchang.

What information does today’s panchang provide? 

Everybody wants their life to be happy. Good times are what all prefer in their life. For making any important decision we look for shubh get the productive outcome. If you want to know about the subha can check out today panchang online.  

Knowing the right mahurat is very important. To finalize the date of weeding, engagement, starting a business, shifting to a new house and for many more things. You can also get the information from the panchang calendar. 

Which you can easily get from an online source from google. From there you can get it in simpler language. To understand the importance of many religious events. And to know about the important time and mahurat.

Love or arrange marriage let’s find out with daily horoscope astrology 

In love marriage the planets and signs also play a very important part. If the 5th and 7th house coexist with the 11th house. Then it will create the situation of love marriage.  The positioning of rahu and venus together also signified the love marriage. The person will have a great chance of love marriage. If the rahu and venus coexist in planets of these zodiac signs, libra, pisces and scorpio.You can get all this information by checking free horoscope daily. It will help you to remove the negativity from your life also. 


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