Solo pleasures, self-pleasure, or masturbation, whatever you may call it, is a very natural process that many men and women are involved in. While there are significantly high amounts of side effects associated with solo pleasures, many people still do it because of the temporary pleasure and stress reliever this act can be.

However, when you indulge in such pleasure activities you should make sure that you are following safe practices so that you do not catch any infections or cause serious damage to your reproductive organs. Here are some essential tips that you should keep in mind while indulging in solo pleasures.

1.     Wash Your Hands First

Before you kick-start your solo pleasure activities, make sure that your hands are clean. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Dirt, dust, and bacteria on your hands can cause serious infections if they get in contact with your sensitive areas.

Make sure that you clean your hands first. You should also make sure that whatever you are using to increase pleasure, is clean. Avoid using household items, especially food items that can cause serious damage to your reproductive health.

2.     Choose Toys Carefully

Many men and women invest in sex toys that can help them enjoy the experience. For instance, if you use a Lovense Max 2 Bluetooth Remote Controlled Masturbator for Men for your pleasure, ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Avoid reusing the toy if your sessions are a few hours apart.

You should also choose your toys very carefully. Avoid using too big or too tight items that can cause abrasion and injuries on your sensitive area. The toys you choose should be made with safe material that does not cause infections or diseases such as cancer.

3.     Trim Nails

Women should be very careful with their solo pleasure routine. Make sure that you do not have sharp nails that can cause cuts, abrasions, and damage to the internal lining of the vagina or rectum.

You should keep your nails short and clean. If your nails are long and sharp, they can damage the internal lining of your reproductive organs. These cuts and openings can expose you to serious infections such as urinary tract infections (UTI) and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as AIDS.

4.     Use Safe Lubricants

When you use lubes for your solo pleasure activities, you should choose the lubricant very carefully. Avoid using fragrant lotions and creams. Fragrant creams can irritate your sensitive skin and even cause eczema and infections.

You should choose the appropriate lubes made specifically for the purpose.

5.     Avoid Harsh And Vigorous Actions

You should avoid harsh and vigorous rubbing of toys or your hands and fingers with your reproductive organs. If your actions are too vigorous, they can cause skin irritation. They may damage the cell lining of your sensitive area, causing serious issues.

You should also avoid using very big toys that can cause discomfort, during the use and after the use as well.


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