When arriving at a place, many tourists who have not pre-booked activities begin looking into various activities to participate in. This is one of the advantages of having a technology like the bookable link: it allows passengers to book excursions and activities even while they are already in their destination’s territory. Your bookable link may and should be utilized by your customers at any time and from any location! Book directly with Viator Travel Agent

If you are thinking about booking directly with the Viator Travel Agent, it is usually a good idea for your customers to utilize your bookable link to double-check the following information before proceeding:

Examines The Availability Of Resources

  • If there are ways to bypass the queue, take advantage of them.
  • If there are better Viator Travel Agent exclusive choices available, please let us know.
  • If the trips are available in their native tongue
  • The following are the advantages of utilizing the bookable link in-destination:
  • Confirmation as soon as possible

The Lowest Price Guaranteed By Viator

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The quick facts are as follows:

Any activity that a tourist wants to participate in is often planned in advance by the majority of passengers. Whether they do it before going or while at the destination.

Viator Travel Agent scheduling experiences and activities that have a predetermined schedule. Need tickets, have a limited capacity, or are among your top holiday activities often need to prepare ahead of time and purchase the necessary tickets.

This is hardly unexpected given that millennials and younger generations spend far more time on their cellphones than their elders.

The usage of cell phones as part of the planning and booking process while booking in-destination has become significantly more prevalent in recent years.

How Often Do People Make Reservations About A Destination?

Even if it is typical for Viator Travel Agent to arrange activities before leaving on their journey. It is still likely that certain activities will be planned and booked after they arrive at their destination of choice.

Approximately 85 percent of leisure tourists decide on activities only after arriving at their location, according to Think with Google. Many leisure Viator Travel Agent are searching for a Viator Travel Agent that would engage with them and share their experiences while they are in their location. This is a fantastic chance to take advantage of the bookable link available!

When offering ideas, it is vital to keep in mind that there are some activities that customers are more likely to schedule after they get to their location. Additionally. You may provide customers with a list of activities that they can schedule ahead of their arrival as well as when they are at the destination.

What Kinds Of Trips And Activities Are People Scheduling While They’re At The Destination?

When offering ideas to customers, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are specific activities that they are more likely to schedule once they are in their location.

The likelihood of tourists planning the activities they want to participate in while on their vacation is high; however, the likelihood of them purchasing such activities in advance is far lower.

Keep your customers’ interests in mind and provide them a list of things they may be interest in while they’re in their destination so that you don’t lose out on that commission opportunity.

The activities shown in this diagram are those that are least likely to be reserve in advance. Dining out, visiting museums and cultural sites, engaging in outdoor activities, and taking tours or excursions are just a few examples of these activities.


Millennials are most likely to want to fill the Viator Travel Agent with important experiences, which they may or may not be able to schedule in advance, depending on the circumstances.

The usage of smartphones for in-destination experiences varies substantially depending on the age of the traveler. The millennial generation is far more likely than previous generations to plan and arrange activities using a smartphone.

This is not unexpect since, as we all know, millennials are always utilizing their smartphones or computers to study and prepare for their future lives. According to Phocuswright, “approximately 25% of millennials in the United States. Utilized a smartphone to plan or book a tour or excursion. Compared to just 20% of travelers aged 35-54 and only 6% of tourists aged 55 and over.”

A feature such as the bookable link will be particularly enticing to millennials. So be certain you target and engage them as much as possible.

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Up To Date.

Have your social media accounts accumulated cobwebs in the same way that your email marketing has over the last several months? You should consider giving them a makeover right now! Aside from your website. Tourists will turn to your social media presence for inspiration and validation while deciding whether or not to partner with you.

Are you unsure about where to begin? For additional information, please see our guide to the fundamentals or register for our webinar. Use this opportunity to communicate with existing customers on social media. And you’ll be at the front of their minds as soon as they start thinking about their next trip. Here are some ideas to get you start:

Allow your customers to put a face to the name. Keep your emails and social media accounts up to date with images of you on your own Viator Travel Agent. The ability to connect with the adviser they pick is very important to travelers. And now is an excellent opportunity to share your favorite family trip with your customers!

Photographs of stunning beaches or exquisite buildings might serve as inspiration. It will brighten up their newsfeed and enable them to virtually Viator Travel Agent across the globe whether they are at their desk or at home.

Positive energy should be share. Do you have a compelling tale about local Viator Travel Agent or examples of how your community has come together to help those in need? Distribute it to your customers! Although it is not the normal Viator Travel Agent material people are used to seeing from you, a little optimism may go a long way in trying circumstances!


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