The Kraft boxes act as a great marketing tool. Brand awareness is one of the essential things in modern business as marketing helps to create more revenues and boost sales. Nowadays, every company uses modern techniques to advertise their products effectively.

Custom kraft boxes are one of the modern ways to choose in differentiating your products. However, kraft packaging boxes are good enough to promote your brand in the market.

When we look at the packaging industry, we know that kraft is the most commonly used material as kraft has various benefits over other materials. Besides that, customers also go for kraft paper boxes as they are eco-friendly and flexible.

What Is Kraft Material? How Is It Made?

As we know, paper comes from trees and specifically from the wood fibers known as pulp. The wood fibers, and other chemicals, contain cellulose and lignin. Lignin is an element that holds the fibers together, and thus lignin gives them brown paper. 

Moreover, many people do not know that paper is not white and brown. To transform white paper, the fibers must be bleached. 

Why Should You Use Kraft Packaging Boxes?

Kraft boxes are still the first choice of many packaging businesses. Custom kraft boxes are commonly used in retail businesses. These boxes are stain and dust resistant, keeping your product safe. 

Irrespective of packaging and design, these boxes are lightweight and easy to handle. In addition, it is affordable and cost-effective.

Furthermore, kraft boxes have a wide range of benefits over other packages:

Easy customization

Customization refers to having a reliable and productive interaction with customers. Moreover, there are several benefits of custom kraft boxes as these boxes are print-friendly and easily customizable.

You can easily change the style of these boxes according to different holiday seasons. Furthermore, you could even add stickers, ribbons or labels to make your packaging boxes attractive.

100% Eco-friendly Boxes

Moving towards eco-friendly things is more than a passing trend. Kraft boxes play a vital role in this addition. These boxes not only have a classy look but also benefit the environment.

Moreover, kraft boxes are made from 100%pure material. By adding attractive design and trendy colors, you will give your box a natural look. Other than that, the inks used in making kraft packaging are also nature-friendly and recyclable. 

How To Design A Best Custom Kraft Box?

Below are some creative tips that will help you out to design kraft packaging boxes:

Material Of The Box

One of the main feature costs of your packaging is that of the materials that make it. Therefore, choose kraft packaging material. Despite kraft packaging, boxes are less costly and affordable. 

Moreover, kraft packaging ensures ecological and reasonable packaging to the buyers. Above all, these boxes break down quickly, thus making them safe for the environment. 

Stylish Ribbons Or Laces

Kraft packaging boxes have brown colors as they are different from other boxes. Therefore, go for additional features. Add ribbons or laces to give more value to your package. Moreover, ribbons and laces make your boxes eye-catching and increase sales chances. 

The Shape Of The Box

With customization options, you can make any type and style of the boxes. Thus customization gives a splendid look to the kraft packaging. 

Choose trendy shapes to ensure your boxes stand out in the crowd. Some of the common shapes are listed below:

  • Mailer boxes
  • sleeve boxes
  • Pillow shape boxes
  • Die-cut window boxes
  • Hanging boxes 
  • Display boxes 

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Last Words

Kraft boxes with customization play a significant role in branding. By following the above ideas, you can design a fantastic box that helps your business stand out.


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