A person cannot file more than one Udyam registration by his or her name but they can include any number of their businesses in the same registration. Udyam Registration is effectively started from 1st July of 2020 which is launched by the Ministry of MSME. 


Udyam registration is a completely online process of registration that is mainly based on self-declaration. Documentation is not necessary to register under Udyam as it is a paperless registration process therefore only an Aadhar and PAN number is enough for registration. 

Now MSME registration is renamed as the Udyam registration. The Government launched the Udyam Registration to facilitate the variety of benefits under this scheme to the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.  


After the successful process of registration on Udyam, a permanent registration number will be sent to your registered mail ID.  

All the enterprises who were registered under the MSME, Udyog aadhar, EM part-II can again register themselves on Udyam registration till 31st Dec of 2021.

Who is eligible to apply for the Udyam Registration?

An enterprise that is categorized under the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises can apply for the Udyam Registration and get the benefits offered by the Government. The eligible organizations must be a manufacturing or processing company or the services provider company to get registered under the Udyam Registration.

Enterprises are categorized depending on the investment and turnover they are following:

  1. Micro Enterprises

  2. Small Enterprises

  3. Medium Enterprises  

Udyam registration Online form

The online application form for registration is available at the official portal of Udyam registration. Any Micro Small and Medium enterprises can register in the Udyam registration portal to avail the various benefits under the Government scheme.

How to check Udyam registration status?

You can follow the following steps to check the Udyam registration status:

  • To check the status of Udyam registration go to the Udyam register portal.
  • Enter the order Id to check the status and click on the TRACK ORDER button.

Is GST mandatory to get registered in Udyam?

Yes, GST is mandatory for all MSMEs enterprises to get registered under the Udyam registration portal because the online registration system of the Udyam portal is integrated with the Income-tax and GST IN system. Every organization or its authorized signatory must have to provide its GST IN as announced by the Ministry of MSME and the Government CGST act 2017.

So link your PAN card and GST IN with your Aadhar card to complete the verification process.

Is there any validity mentioned in the Udyam Registration Certificate?

Udyam registration certificate is available with the lifetime validity till the business is running because there is nothing mentioned about the validity of the Udyam certificate or how long it will be valid as the notification issued by the Ministry of MSME.


So, there is no requirement for the renewal of the Udyam certificate but if you want to change the details then you can update it by visiting the Udyam registration portal. 

Applicants have to update the details with respect to the PAN and GST which is integrated with the aadhar number.

What is a Udyam certificate?

The registration process of Udyam will be known as “Udyam registration” and after registration, a Permanent Registration number will be provided. After successful verification of the registration process and completion of payment, the Udyam certificate will be sent to your registered mail Id which consists of the Permanent Udyam Registration number along with it.


In this article, we discussed how many registrations can one person do and we come to know that a person cannot do more than one registration in the Udyam. If any MSME enterprises want to take various benefits like- reimbursement in taxes, special consideration in the International trade fair, seat allotment in government tender, and reduction in the electricity bill then they have to register in Udyam registration portal to get all of these benefits.



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