SEO Digital Marketing post Covid19 , SEO The emergency situation that has hit Italy and the world has inevitably transformed the habits and daily life not only of people, but also of companies. In fact, shopping needs and habits have changed, as well as searches carried out online.

Given the complexity of the context, it is necessary to rely on digital transformation experts who know how to guide the company in such a delicate moment and who are supportive with all the digital tools useful for restarting such as Search Engine Optimization .

Digital marketing post Covid-19

Faced with a situation of uncertainty and crisis, Google itself responded immediately to the emergency, agreeing with the Government to make government sources and official results appear first in the SERP to limit the positioning of inaccurate news as much as possible. false.

The global pandemic has led many businesses to rethink in depth both the communication and customer acquisition channels and the business model in order to adapt it to the new post-crisis normality. It has become increasingly important for companies to understand how to react at a strategic and operational level, taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital. There are companies that have significantly speeded up the digitization process to respond to the emergency, such as, for example, the food sector which has implemented technological platforms for booking at home or for takeaway food to meet the new needs of users.

In fact, the key to restarting lies precisely in the ability of companies to adapt to all the news and needs after Covid-19, meeting increasingly connected and digital consumers. Consequently, it assumes a key role to position itself effectively on Google and improve its virtual presence to be found more easily by users. To do this, it is necessary to rely on a specialist in the sector who knows SEO in depth and knows how to give an innovative contribution to the digital transformation taking place in companies.

Because SEO can help get you started again

If before the pandemic digital transformation was a key requirement for success, today it is a necessity: the lockdown has profoundly changed people’s habits, significantly speeding up the digital transformation process already underway and making the care of one’s online presence essential. .

SEO is the set of strategies and techniques that aim to increase the visibility of a website within the so-called organic results (not paid). If done well, it allows a business reality to appear among the first places on the Google SERP where, in most cases, users find the information they are looking for. Therefore, SEO and related digital marketing activities are the key to supporting companies in a difficult time because they offer the possibility of making them visible and available on the web.products and services offered. Not only that: in a moment when virtual reality is at the center of everything, an SEO strategy allows you to intercept users when they make a query or being found when they are looking for a product or information.

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Following the lockdown, the key word is restart. To support and increase your online presence, the advice is to rely on a professional in the sector: the SEO specialist takes care of managing all the activities aimed at improving the positioning of the company website, realizing the opportunities to be place among the first results on the engines . search .

SEO Leader provides technical-strategic support to your online positioning: faced with the complexity of the algorithms that govern search engines, as an SEO specialist I take care of the optimization of the company website at 360 °, taking the first big step towards the growth of your online business.

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Do you want to receive qualified traffic from Google and increase visibility and conversions?

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