The stores that have found themselves facing the recent emergency caused by the Coronavirus pandemic have, inevitably, suffered from the inability to keep their store open. In some cases, the provisions related to the lockdown have unfortunately generated the permanent closure of some commercial activities.

In other cases, however, the reactivity of companies and the desire to rely on digital solutions for online sales contributed to at least partially amortize an event that no one was able to expect only a few months ago.

Even in the face of the recent reopening of commercial activities , a crucial issue remains to be resolved , relating to the possibility of being able to decline sales on the network where it is still necessary. But how is it possible to adapt the strategy of a concrete store to the world of ecommerce ?

In this article, we offer you some useful tips to start developing an action plan oriented in this sense, without prejudice to our basic suggestion: relying on digital marketing specialists always makes the difference, and we at Naxa are waiting for you to talk about it . when you want.

First step: what are your priorities? 

The first question any merchant considering transferring at least part of their online sales should ask themselves is about priorities . Especially in times of crisis, it is absolutely normal to be pervaded by a thousand possible ideas to be developed and as many possible paths to take to obtain a result. However, staying focused on what is prioritized is essential .

In digital terms, therefore, evaluate the conditions of your website and its messages , the optimization procedures to be performed, the quality of the assistance you are able to provide, the contact methods . If you already have an ecommerce, ask for the support of a professional to increase the amount of traffic and speed up transactions.

In the event of an overload, focus on speed 

The speed of a website is also essential for corporate platforms without online sales, but it becomes crucial for those who do ecommerce .

When you develop or optimize your online shop , remember that users do not like to wait and that the offer on the net is almost always very wide for any type of product or service. Put simply, if you do not know how to respond adequately to their needs, users will turn to your competitor who is able to do so.

A fast and performing site , in addition to all the points indicated in the previous step, represents the first way to retain your potential customers. Here are some practical tips :

  • Check with your CDN provider and find specific settings that make it faster to accommodate requests
  • Compress the texts and images of the site (without however altering their quality) in order to make loading faster
  • Use special tools for storing the http code in the cache of your returning users
  • Eliminate unused tags and excess bits of code, as well as pages that land on an unsightly 404
  • Test the speed of your ecommerce on third-party platforms yourself, behaving like a potential buyer would

Communicate well and everywhere 

Optimal communication for online sales involves synergistic action across multiple channels. This means, in practical terms, creating a strategy that allows you to communicate in a coherent, understandable and relevant way.

As for consistency , make sure that all your online platforms communicate the same messages, declined in the correct tones of voice: your map on Google must indicate the same opening hours and contacts as your social profiles; the logo must be the same on all platforms; promotions will need to be updated everywhere. In this way, you will show users that you are an attentive merchant who wants to intercept his target audience wherever they are.

As for comprehensibility , use clear and transparent language both to describe your products or services and to communicate your promotions and offers on the network. Don’t force the user and reread several times to try to understand – it won’t. He will prefer to turn to someone who can provide him with all the answers he is looking for in a simpler way .

Finally, as regards relevance , analyze the context and the moment in which you are in order to propose services and products that make sense for your users. Ask yourself questions: is your offer relevant to the new concept of normality following the Coronavirus emergency? Are you providing a service or product that can improve the quality of life of your users or that brings them real benefits? Can you respond in a really efficient way to what their real needs are? Keep in mind that at least 30% of Italian consumers complain of not being able to identify the products they are looking for. This means that not all companies are yet able to provide the right answer. It is also up to you to change this trend .

Smooth and secure payments 

Would you ever complete a purchase on an online shop that does not guarantee you a smooth and secure payment ? Surely the answer is no , and the same goes for users who land on your ecommerce .

Ensuring your customers a positive payment experience is therefore essential, both from the point of view of quality and speed : remember that over 70% of users who buy from mobile are incline to make purchases from ecommerce and companies that provide apps. or responsive sites that can complete payments quickly and efficiently .

So make sure that your payment system is safe, stable, versatile (if you don’t already, consider introducing different payment methods: from credit card to PayPal, from bank transfer to prepaid cards, and even cash on delivery) and above all fast .

You can achieve this by implementing methods of storing data and purchase information , past purchases and lists of interest , but also through a framework and a frontend that guarantee the best possible user experience.

Customer Care: a factor not to be underestimate

Today, technologies that were once unattainable from an economic point of view are now within everyone’s reach . On digital channels, you can now benefit from solutions that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and that can really make a difference in the quality of your after-sales (but also pre-sales) assistance.

Managing users ‘ needs in the best possible way increases the chances that they can turn into buyers first and then loyal customers . Always start with the same question: Are you really providing them with the best possible support ?

If the answer is no , consider solutions such as chatbots , improve the quality of your contact forms , use instant messaging on social networks. And above all, keep track of the progress of your customer care and respond quickly, courteously, accurately and punctually to any question you are ask.

Do you want to discuss in more depth the best strategies to implement your ecommerce business ? Come and talk about it with Naxa!


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