In the modern world, a clock is not only considered a utility piece but also something that is used to decorate your home. You can place a wooden wall clock in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or your dining room. In case you are in a dilemma to choose the best wall clock for your home, you can consider these useful steps-

Choosing the material-

When you step out in the market, you will come across clocks that are made using different materials such as fiber, wood, metal, and plastic. Before you make the final selection, you have to be clear in your mind if you want a wooden clock, a plastic one, or a metal clock. If you are someone who has a taste in wooden decorative items, you should make sure the quality of wood that is being used to make the clock. Majorly MDF or birch wood is used to make wooden wall clocks.

Size of the clock-

The size of the clock matters in case you are purchasing the wooden wall clock for time display or home embellishment. If the size of the clock is too big or too small, it can destroy the look of the room. A very small clock won’t look like a decorative piece because you won’t be able to see the design or the time properly. You should always buy the clock according to the size of the room. If you have a small room, a small clock can do. But in case of a larger room, a big wall clock is the best. The clock should be of ideal size. You can take a measurement of your room in length and width. According to the measurement, you can go for a complementing size of the clock.

Be clear about the design of the clock-

Other than material, the design of the clock is also important. A poorly designed clock will negatively affect the look of the room. You can choose from various wall clock shapes like a tree shape, clock text, trapezium shape, arroba logo, an airplane design, or an abstract hurricane logo. You should be clear in your head about which design goes well with the surroundings.

Shape of the clock-

Just like the design of the clock, some people like to go for a particular design when it comes to choosing the clock. A designer clock comes in a variety of shapes like a wheel, tree, heart, and bird. A wall clock can be round, triangular, rectangular, etc. Any shape can look nice if the clock has a fine finishing and is long-lasting. You should value the theme of your home decoration while choosing the right shape for your wall clock.

Type of the clock-

In modern times, you can come across various types of clocks like digital, analogue, battery-operated, radio, musical, electronic word, speaking, or Roman numeral clocks. Analogue clocks are liked because they are aesthetically pleasing and decorative while on the other hand digital clocks value functionality more than charm. Some people don’t like to go for an analogue clock because it makes noise which can be distracting. You have to decide which type suits you the best. In case you wish to add a vintage look to your bedroom, you can go for a Roman Numeral clock.

Explore the features-

Just installing the clock is not enough, you should know the features of the wall clock. Know more about its finishing, clarity in the time display, functional life, etc.

Determine the right location-

When you decide to buy a wooden wall clock for your bedroom or living room, you have to be clear about what is the right place to hang it. You also have to make sure which direction is the best. Usually, the wall clock is hung at the height on the wall where the clock is visible from various angles. In case you follow Vastu, then you can consider hanging the wall clock in the east/west/ or north.

Consider the theme of the room-

Here, the décor of the room means the wall color. You can go for a minimal or clean clock if the room has a neutral tone. For a big living space, you can go for a bigger clock that goes well with the tones and shades of the room.

To conclude

Selecting a wall clock might seem easy but before you buy one, you should know all the relevant information from shape, material, size, finishing, functional life, etc. so that you make a wise decision. This will allow you to have great value for the money you will invest. A wooden wall clock is a great pick because it can match all kinds of décor and is evergreen.


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