It’s the final look in this series on how to wear different kinds of sandals and still look put together (see parts 1 and part 2). This time, we’re focusing on nude nails with sandals, so you can match your toes to your pedicure and take any outfit from casual to business-ready instantly. It’s also a great way to transition from winter into spring with your style, as well as make sure you don’t have nail polish underneath your sandals that peels off later in the season!

Try neon summer colors

If you’re going for a hip, youthful look, try neon shades on your toes and nails. These summery colors are fun, fresh, and flirty—but they can be hard to pull off. Make sure you match them with a bright outfit and pair them with some statement jewelry like large hoops or a chunky necklace. And don’t be afraid of color blocking: Mix neon polish with some metallic silver or gold for a pop that draws attention.

Go for a two-tone manicure

Before you get ready for a night out, paint your nails one color and then use a second coat of polish over that color. Wait until they’re fully dry before you go out so you don’t get polish on your clothes, and enjoy going with two colors instead of just one! On warm days, try wearing nude sandals with light-colored nails and dark clothing. This creates a contrast between your colorful toes and darker clothing, which will make your legs look longer!

The details matter

Take a little extra time when you’re getting ready to avoid any major mishaps. While nude nails look great with sandals, it is important that you not skip some key steps when applying your manicure. For example, your nails must be at least a few millimeters long before wearing nude nails because if they aren’t you may chip or damage them more easily due to running around barefoot.


If you’re wearing nude nails with sandals, it’s a good idea to add a small amount of color. Whether you opt for jewelry or dress up your nails in some way, accessorizing is a smart choice if you want your look to pop. And be sure not to go overboard—you don’t want too much on your feet, as it can start making your feet look big!

Nail art is all about the details

Clean edges, consistent line widths, and even polish-to-nail ratios make for more sophisticated designs. If you’re looking for a simple tutorial on how to do nude nails, start by making sure your base is perfect. Then get inspired by these nude nail art ideas and create a new look in minutes.

Don’t be afraid of bold color combinations

It’s easy for nude nails and sandals to blend into each other, but you can make them pop by using bold lipstick or nail polish. Yellow, red, and teal colors are great ways to make your nude look stand out! Teal, yellow, and orange all contain hues that complement different skin tones. For example, orange creates a glow around yellow undertones while teal brings out purple undertones.

Keep your cuticles in mind

A major mistake most women make when it comes to nude nails with sandals is not paying attention to their cuticles. Make sure they’re neat and clean, even if you have to file them down because having that scaly skin around your cuticles is a sure way for people to notice that you aren’t wearing any polish.

Pair with printed pieces like skirts or tops

When in doubt, opt for patterns and solids. The former will never go out of style, but you don’t want nude nails sandals with chino pants (unless it’s for a formal occasion). Additionally, patterned clothing can be worn again with solid tops; sometimes it’s cheaper to buy outfits in multiples, so pairing them up is an easy way to wear each item again without needing more closet space.

Have fun with it!


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