How to Make Use of Instagram Stories to Engage Your Marketing Strategy: 2022


Remember that your stories may only (instagram)last for 24 days. However, they do have the potential to reach your targeted demographics, even if they aren’t part of your following current base. So continue posting!

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Engage with your audience

Instagram Stories are intended to be interactive and an excellent way to connect with your audience more personally. Some quick ideas:


  • Conduct polls with the Poll stickers.
  • Invite your followers to send messages to answer inquiries.
  • Request comments on a brand new product.
  • Team members can host Q&A sessions via the Questions sticker or send DMs.
  • For additional ideas, see the following 21 Instagram Interaction Post Ideas.


The more people interact with you via Instagram, The more interaction you get with your followers, which will increase the overall engagement rate on Instagram and other platforms. It gives the Insta algorithm the appropriate warm fuzzy signals that your fans appreciate your content and you and are eager to check out more.


Bring traffic to your website.

It’s already clear that you shouldn’t post clickable links in Instagram posts. Instagram posts. However, you can post links to your Stories, so take advantage of this. Include links when it is feasible to bring traffic back to your website.

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For instance, if you’re an e-commerce company and posting images of your products being used, Make sure you add an item sticker to your stories so that your customers can click through to look up the specific product you’re featuring.


If you’re conducting an influencer marketing campaign and ask influencers to feature your brand on their stories, You could also ask them to direct links to your site to drive traffic.


Even when you’re not selling any products, you can draw people to blog posts, contests, lead magnets, or any other content you’d like your readers to find on your site.


Run Instagram Stories ads

The estimated reach of advertising on behalf of Instagram customers can be as high as 1.22 billion. Instagram Stories are valuable if you are planning to conduct advertisements. Instagram Stories ads are embedded within regular Stories making them appear similar to every day Stories and are highly effective in generating leads or driving traffic and sales.


Engage more

Last but certainly not the previous, Instagram Stories matter because they can affect extremely crucial indicators on Instagram – your engagement. Stories are entertaining and engaging and are a fantastic method for brands to increase brand recognition and build active online communities.


If you’re still not sharing on Stories in the meantime, your Insta engagement may be taking the most significant impact.


7 Tips to Create a Killer Instagram Stories Strategy

If Instagram Stories are as important as we say they are (we do! ), How can you get the most value from the platform for your marketing strategy? Here are some helpful tips:


  1. Decide on your identity visual

Most importantly, consider what you would like your brand to appear in Stories. This isn’t a fixed thing clearly (nothing ever is, especially in social media). But, think about whether you’d like your brand’s character to be featured on Stories.


For instance, you might prefer to only post live and raw behind the scene footage on Instagram Stories. On the contrary, you could choose a more refined appearance and use pre-designed templates for posting Stories content.


Think about how you’d like your Story to appear on Instagram first. Start by making Stories that fit the aesthetic you’ve envisioned.


  1. Post regularly

Sharing a single Story every day and waiting to see Insta fame appear isn’t going to make sense. If you want to create Stories, an integral element of your marketing plan, it is essential to share them regularly.


It may sound like a simple idea; however, it’s one of the best methods to increase the number of viewers to your Stories. We’ve mentioned it before whenever you share an Instagram Story; you’ll be on the front page of users’ Instagram feed, which will increase the chances of being noticed.


If the constant posting throughout the day becomes too excessive, Sked Social can help to automatize the process. You can upload the bulk of your Stories to Sked Set a time and relax knowing that Sked will handle your posting schedule for you. Find out more about this here How to schedule Instagram Stories and Posts A step by Step Guide.


  1. Encourage to engage (use stickers)

Instagram Stories are already built-in with various interactive features, such as stickers. To create Stories perform for you, consider using stickers to get engagement from your followers and, in turn, boost your attention as well. A few ideas:


  • Utilize poll stickers to conduct helpful or random polls.
  • Ask questions to know your followers better, or you can even ask them to ask questions.
  • Make use of GIFs to inject an element of entertainment.
  • Invite your followers to message you directly.
  • Use stickers on products to link to products and increase clicks to your website.
  1. Include CTAs

Incorporate clear calls to action into your Stories to ensure that your viewers know what you would like them to take action when they finish watching your Stories. This could be as easy as getting them to click on a specific link or soliciting your audience.


  1. Write down your stories

To increase the effectiveness of the Instagram Stories strategy to the next level, you must join the automation and scheduling bandwagon. The beast that is Instagram could turn into an ongoing job. This is why using a scheduling instrument to organize, arrange and publish content to your Instagram account is an enormous time-saver.


Instead of writing your content for Stories each time, start to develop the practice of creating content in batches. Making a lot of content in one go can save you a lot more time.


Additionally, it helps you save time, and it also lets you plan and creates more engaging stories using your content. Sked Social can help you organize your Stories (and other Insta content). Also, remember that we said consistency is essential. Planning and scheduling can assist you in adhering to a consistent Story posting schedule.


  1. Use user-generated content

Many brands do not have the resources to produce the latest content and stories continuously. That’s fine. Your followers could be making content about your company that you can add to your Stories. People are enthralled to see similar to them on their social media profiles so take advantage of posts from your users if they are making it.


  1. Utilize Instagram Stories to highlight your stories

Are you looking to extend the shelf-life of your 24-hour stories? Make sure to take advantage of highlights. Highlighting your stories can increase their visibility and expand your accounts’ reach. Highlights can also be excellent for saving content that could benefit your viewers for years to come.


If you develop an excellent tutorial by combining several Stories, for instance, the value isn’t bound to fade away in 24 hours. Please keep it in your highlight reels, and then guide those who follow you to this when they require the info.


Highlights can be used with different methods based on the brand you represent. It doesn’t need to be instructional. Certain brands utilize it to show off and store the season’s latest products. Other brands may also use it to organize frequently asked questions.


  1. Do not forget to tell an exciting story

Don’t forget that Instagram Stories are ultimately about telling stories. When you think about using Instagram Stories for marketing, keep in mind that storytelling is the priority and selling later.


Consider what Story you would like to convey about your company through stories and how you’d like to get it. The power of storytelling is that it cuts through the boring content published every day by brands on the internet. If you want your customers to be engaged and engage with you, find innovative ways to convey your Story instead of repeating the same thing that every other business does.



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