Everyone likes to earn a lot of money by doing only a little amount of work, which seems like a dream in today’s world. But there are many apps being developed nowadays that let you earn money on the side.

Today, we are going to tell you about an amazing app that besides offering a nice interface for playing games, also gives you cash rewards. Sounds interesting, right?  

Let’s dive into details about this app Jeet11 which is a fantasy cricket app. 

What is the Jeet11 App? 

jeet11 app

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Jeet11 is an app that allows you to play various types of sports games virtually. Whether it be football, cricket or kabaddi, you can play all types of games on this app for free. 

Jeet11 is a fantasy cricket app which besides giving you an online platform to play cricket also gives you an opportunity to win cash prizes. There are many ways by which you can earn money through the Jeet11 app. 

There are many other fantasy cricket apps in the market as well like Real11, My11Circle, Dream11 etc. But the latest fantasy app that you will find is the Jeet11 app. This app is designed to fulfill the cricket playing craze among the fans while giving them the opportunity to earn money from the platform. 

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What is a Fantasy Cricket App? 

Fantasy cricket app is a platform where players can earn money while playing their favorite game on the platform. This is a skill-based app which encourages you to take your passion a step further by giving you the incentive to earn money. 

The fantasy cricket app can usually be played on any android device, but players prefer using this app on their mobile phones. The format and interface of these apps are simple and user-friendly which encourages every type of person to indulge on these platforms to earn money. 

Ways to Earn Money Through Jeet11 

There are many ways that you can follow to earn money from this platform. Jeet11 app offers simple and attainable ways to earn money which are stated below. 

  • You can earn simply by signing up on the platform 
  • Refer the app to your friend and earn 
  • When the referred friend signs up on the platform, you earn the bonus 
  • You can also join a league to earn bonus 
  • Create a league to team to earn bonus 
  • Play more and more to earn from the platform 

Pros of Downloading the Jeet11 App 

Jeet11 offers a great opportunity to earn money online and people are often attracted to the platform for the sole purpose of earning money. But there are other pros as well of the Jeet11 app. Some of which are mentioned below: 

  • You will get bonus by staying on the platform and using it 
  • Referring to a friend will get you the Referral bonus 
  • The platform has low competition in the games 
  • There is a high winning chance due to low competition 
  • You can instantly withdraw the amount you have earned 
  • You can withdraw your earned amount with local digital wallets like Paytm 

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Specification of Jeet11 App 

App Name  Jeet11 Mini – Unlimited Quizzes and Games 
Downloads  100k + 
File Size  5.8 MB 
Developer  Mohalla Tech Games 
Price  Free 
System Requirement  Android 5.0 and above 
Languages  Multiple 
Available on   Google Play Store 

Downloading and Installing the App 

Downloading the Jeet11 app is very easy, as it is available to download for free from the Google Play Store. Simply search for the app on the Google Play Store and click on the install button. 

If, for some reason, you are unable to find the app on the Google Play Store, you can also download and install the app from third-party websites or simply download the app from here. 

Signing up on the Platform of Jeet11 

jeet11 app

Source: Jeet11.com

Once you have downloaded and installed the jeet11 app in your device, you need to sign up to avail all the benefits of the app. Follow the instructions below to sign up on the app. 

  • Open the Jeet11 app 
  • Select your preferred language 
  • Fill in your contact number 
  • Now, put in the required details like your name and username 
  • Put in the referral code 
  • Filling in the referral code is very important in order to get referral bonus 
  • Once everything is done, click on the sign-up button 
  • Your account has been created  
  • Shortly you will receive the sign-up bonus in your account 
  • Now, enjoy playing on the app while earning money on the side 


Jeet11 is a fantasy cricket app that has captivated the attention of many online gamers as it gives the opportunity to earn money from the platform as well. This app is gaining popularity in India and has replaced the usage of many prior apps with similar features. 

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