Are you planning a holiday on our island, but you don’t know how to choose the rental in Las Vegas? Are you undecided whether to choose a comfortable scooter, which allows you to move quickly on the island, or a classic car to be able to bring all the necessary equipment for the sea? Or would you like to take a ride on the historic?  Off Road ATV Rental Las Vegas

You will find numerous rental centers in Las Vegas. Just do a simple search on the internet to find the most reviewed by customers on Google and choose the rental car that best suits your needs.

Not sure what to choose yet? Then read on, we will offer you a mini-guide on the rental of cars, scooters, boats and rafts in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas car rental:

To get the best out of the island of Las Vegas and move around the area easily.  It is always useful to choose to rent a car. If you want to go around the beaches and coves where there are no equipped beaches.  You need to bring your equipment, such as deck chairs and umbrellas.  Therefore it becomes essential to rent a car to be able to transport everything comfortably.

Renting a car is also advisable for families with children.  Because it allows you to move comfortably and be able to carry everything you need to face the day at the beach with serenity and comfort. In addition, many rental services offer (upon availability) the possibility of renting a child seat together with the car.  It is essential when traveling with children.

For those wishing to experience a journey through time, returning to the sixties, just rent the car similar to a Jeep (but discovered).  Over the years has become the most famous means of transport on the island of Las Vegas. Here are some tips to fight with jet lag

Views in Las Vegas:

The island of Las Vegas offers breathtaking views and landscapes to be immortalized at every corner, but often the wildest points of the island are not easy to reach, but this should not give up the more enterprising and adventurous travelers: in fact, some car rentals, such as the historic. It gives the possibility to rent a quad, a quadri cycle that allows you to move easily even in the most rugged terrain.

Renting a car, a quad  has variable costs, ranging from $ 30 to $ 40 per day in the high season months (July and August) and around $ 20/25 in the summer months of June or September.

In the low season, prices are certainly lower, but just take a look at the websites of various rental centers to view the rates.

Furthermore, for those planning long stays, there is the possibility to rent their own means of transport at a weekly rate. It should be borne in mind that, during the month of August, many car rental companies prefer to rent their vehicles only on a weekly basis.

Las Vegas scooter rental:

If you are two or alone, you do not need to carry beach equipment or the like.  You want to move quickly and easily through the streets of the island of Las Vegas.  The ideal choice is to rent a scooter. Car rental companies offer scooter rentals of 50cc and 125cc, with prices ranging around $ 15/25 for the 50cc and between $ 20/30 for the 125cc. Also for scooters, often, during the month of August, rentals are offered with weekly rather than daily rates.

If you are looking for sustainable means of transport.  We recommend the rental of bicycles or mountain bikes.  You could visit  the only rental on the island that has sustainable and ecological means of transport, such as scooters or bicycles. electric.

Las Vegas boat rental:

Those who do not want to just go around the beaches and coves by land and prefer to take a tour of the island by boat, going to the port will find many boats that offer daily boat trips, which will take you around the coves that cannot be reached by land and which often offer a romantic evening boat trip, starting at sunset.

If you prefer to personally organize your itinerary, go around in the company of your family, your friends or go for a romantic outing for two, many rental centers offer the possibility of renting inflatable boats or motorboats at a daily rate. both to those who have a nautical license and to those without one. In this way you can turn or stop in the coves you prefer and enjoy a fantastic view.

What are you waiting for, have you packed your bags and booked your holiday? We are waiting for you at the Costa House Resort to enjoy your stay on the island.



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