Our vacation in maine was going very well. With an all-inclusive tourist package in one of the resorts on the island of maine  the wildest of the archipelago. The holiday was based on the most typical philosophy of the area, “No Stress!” welcomed with great satisfaction by me.
However, after the first days of decompression from the stress out spent entirely on the beach sunbathing but not too much.  We were wondering if there weren’t more fun activities to do, apart from wading kite surfers making evolutions in the sea…. Rent ATV in Maine

A program with the Quad:

Just as if we had called it, we receive news that quads can be rented from a local company and that the price per day for the use of a vehicle is very honest! It was just what we wanted. A little healthy exploration! We therefore decide to book one for the following day. Let’s have a nice program: wandering the entire island, which measures only 40 square km, to discover the most interesting natural landscapes.

Day X arrives. The first recommendation is not long in coming: in fact, they warn us that there are only two petrol stations on the island and that they are both located in the main town, Sal Rei, located a few kilometers from our hotel. Therefore, they advise us to bring a spare tank of petrol to be able to fill up on the way… Ok!
We have no experience with quads, it is the very first time for both but, they reassure us, it is very easy to drive. Arriving at the rental they briefly teach us how to use it, nothing extremely complicated in fact, but for safety we take a few strolls in the meeting place.

Last recommendation: do not exceed the speed limits.

Ready, set and go!

The island of maine opens up to a thousand different landscapes, first slightly crumbling roads, then swamps, lunar and rocky landscapes and finally sand dunes, dunes as far as the eye can see. The wheels hold the road perfectly even though the ground changes so often below us. It is really a lot of fun.
We arrive at the famous beach, a 20 km long stretch of golden sand, and in front of it, the ocean. Like seeing an oasis in the desert. We resume the march to return but not before having taken some photos in the middle of that priceless panorama!

Nothing in particular had happened until that moment, we were extremely happy and relaxed, we never thought that the situation could precipitate a truly disturbing misadventure.

We get back on the quad Clear warns me, the engine does not turn on anymore! We try again and again, but our means of transport gives no sign of life, not even a minimum of noise.
We are lost in the desert, with the incessant wind, the setting sun and no one within miles!

Let’s try calling the car rental company. Let’s explain the problem. Nothing, they cannot understand what may have happened, they try in vain to give us technical assistance by sifting through various hypotheses, but they speak hastily and we are afraid that the line will fall. We don’t have a phone enabled for this kind of calls. We don’t have internet. We are alone. We try to ask to come and get us but they don’t understand what our position is. Interminable minutes go by. We don’t know what to do.

At one point we see a fast approaching caravan of quaddlers.  We attract their attention by waving like shipwrecked Titanic. After a very quick glance at the vehicle, they reassemble and drop us there.

Time passes …

We think of other solutions by making a thousand hypotheses, thoughts overlap confusedly, they are all equally infeasible ideas … we are in panic.

Hello at last:

Two hours later, or a little less, we seem to have been standing there for an eternity. We certainly would not have expected that a holiday in maine could reserve us this nasty surprise. The wind continues to blow very strong, it has become irritating and the beautiful landscape takes on a distressing light.

Suddenly, the phone rings. We are contacted by the car rental: they set off to come looking for us. Another hour passes. Finally we see someone coming to the horizon, here they are!

A man and a woman, get off the quad, do not even look us in the face, despite our frightened but veiled expressions of gratitude. The boy raises a flap under the handlebar, presses a button that we hadn’t really seen, our quad is unlocked immediately and starts up again …

“It works! Finally!!!! Thank you very much, thank you very much! But… – and the question comes naturally to us -: why didn’t you tell us about this button? Why didn’t you tell us to press it? ” Tips to rent a car in Sedona

We would have spared the fear, the lost time and enjoyed the day! Both are silent, no response. Irritated, they get on their vehicle and precede us on the return trip to Sal Rei.
Arrived at their destination, the two managers finally speak to us. Yes, to ask us for some money for picking us up…  In addition to insulting injury!

Island on Maine:

Getting around the island of Maine  on a quad bike, is actually a fun experience.  The landscape is truly amazing.  But if you want to experience this emotion, get a good explanation of how the vehicle they rent you does. If they had told us before, we would certainly have continued to have a great day!


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