Eye-Catching Mobile App theme, great visuals, and smooth performance are some characteristics that make the App intriguing. Name one thing, and there is an App for it! A well-designed app can do wonders for a business. With some basic usability, functionalities, and a whole set of tech advanced features, Mobile App can offer an outstanding User Experience. So, let’s explore the top 4 power-packed features that are must-have and will make your Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 stand out in the Market! 


Login with Biometric Authentication 

This latest feature is available exclusively in KINGX 2022 App only. The Users can turn on the Biometric Authentication Login in their App’s Settings. iPhone users can now log in with their Face ID and Android Users can do so with Fingerprint Scanning. 

This way, the users don’t need to go through the hassles of remembering their passwords or username while logging into the app every time they want to book a service. 

Online Video Consultation

The registered App Users can now initiate a video consultation session with doctors, fitness coaches, yoga instructors, academic tutors, and even astrologers. This component is also exclusive to KINGX 2022 App. 

Before starting the video call with the user, the professionals can message them via In-App Chatting Feature or dial up a simple In-App Voice Call to begin. The users no longer need to book an appointment to visit their doctor or get legal advice from a lawyer. It can happen on the smartphone itself with a single tap on the Gojek Clone App!

Moreover, this feature only needs your credit card to pay the professional for their consultation services! The total billed amount will automatically be deducted from your credit card and you’ll receive the message that ‘Money has been debited’. 

Service Bidding

Service Bidding is another component that your Clone App must have because no other App offers it! Well, yes, it can be your App’s USP (Unique Selling Point)! The users can hire a handyman or Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, and more just by posting a Task on the App. 

The Service Providers can then bid for the job! The User can then compare every Provider’s Profile, and look at their reviews, and ratings before hiring them. 

Service Bidding helps the users to find the best Local Service Provider for the task within their preferred budget! 

Video Call with Service Provider 

Many of the Apps already have the In-App Chatting and In-App Calling features. But have you ever heard that the App Users can now initiate Video calls with the assigned Service Providers? No, Right? Well, it is because this feature is only available in Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022


Besides these four top-most features, your customers will also need some additional advantages too! So, here is a list of some of the other features that your customers will seek. 

  • OTP Verification to start the job is another feature where the provider first has to enter the 4-digit OTP sent on the customer’s registered phone number and email. 
  • Graphically represented app notifications help the users to get the up-to-minute status of their order or service provider. This way the app users don’t have to open the Gojek Clone app again and again! 


The App includes more than just these four features. Do you want to know what all features are available? Then without wasting your time, get straight to the official website of eSiteWorld’s Ready-Made Multi-Services App Solution. 

Browse through the extensive range of value-driven features! Or you can directly connect with the Sales Representatives to know more about the App!


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