Being a student in the Computer Science field, there is no chance you have ever missed the chance of hearing about Python programming language or prohibited using the same. Python is a globally accept and used programming language for developers and programmers across the globe.

Every programmer you will interact with will suggest you go for Python as this is one of the easiest programming languages that is also beginner-friendly.

Python programming language is universally use and is a great pick by the developers because it is a high-level, interpreted, multi-purpose, and object-oriented programming language. If you have studied Python or still studying, then you must know that Python is extremely simple, easy to comprehend, and minimalistic.

Python: Programming and Assignment

Curiosity is in human nature, and when you get to learn about something that excites you the most, you wish to spend most of your time doing the same. Similarly is the case of learning and exploring the Python programming language. When you give your complete focus and time to coding, you hardly get time to do your assignment; when to keep that worry away, you can opt for Python assignment help from the experts.

As your assignments have been taken care of, there is still an issue. When you dedicatedly start working on your Python coding, there are some mistakes that you being a Python coder, might make, and some of the most common mistakes done in Python programming are list below. Let’s glance at them so that you don’t repeat the same error.

Even though the Python programming language has the simplest syntax, some errors are count as syntax errors that don’t allow the program to run. In the following words, let’s look at some of the common mistakes of a programmer in Python programming.

Error Handling

Being a coder, you must have seen that if there are errors in a program, they are mention at the bottom of the program for the coder to resolve.

Like any other programming language, the Python programming language also highlights the errors at the end of the program. However, errors in Python are really specific and are denote as traceback. This type of error occurs in a Python program.

When you, as a coder, forget any semicolon at the end of a line, accidentally add extra space, or forget the parenthesis, syntax errors occur. So, while dealing with Python programming, ensure you don’t neglect the errors because, in this way, you won’t be able to run your program.

Incorrect Indentation

Although Python is easy-to-comprehend and universally used, programmers still face some difficulties while running the program. That is the mistake of not being able to recognise the incorrect indentation.

Being a programming student with the focus, you try to look for programming assignment help; and you at least get the results by the internet. However, it is comparatively difficult to find the error when it comes to seeing the incorrect indentation in the Python program.

Unlike any other programming language, in Python, indentation means more than making the code look clean. One such example of indentation is the program’s mixing of spaces and tabs can be difficult to spot, so carefully lookout for incorrect indentation to run your code.


Being a Python coder, you must be introduce to the LEGB rule, where LEGB stands for Local, Enclose, Global, Built-in. Python’s scope resolution is based on the LEGB rule, and there is a different approach for using scoping variables in Python compared to other programming languages.

If you, being a coder, make an assignment to a variable in a scope, that variable will automatically be consider a local scope by Python. The code will show something similarly named variable in the outer scope.

The LEGB error is very common among programmers while using lists. Like it is essential to write correctly to appear correctly on the screen; similarly, for submitting your assignment, you need to find the best Python assignment and help an expert.

Misusing the _init_ method

The first and most important thing to remember as a programming student is that the init method is only used within the classes. As a programming student, you must have worked on many other object-oriented programming languages, such as C, C#, or C++.

If you have worked on that already, you must know that C++ also contains the init method. The init method in Python is equivalent to C++; moreover, it is a reserved method in Python classes that uses a constructor. Majorly in every object-oriented programming language, the init method is denoted as the constructor.

Further, the init method comes in use when an object is created in a program from a class, and it allows the class to initialise the class attributes.

Class Variables

Being a programming student, you must know that if the value of a variable is not varied from object to object, then such type of variable is denoted as the Class variable. In every object-oriented programming language, a programmer creates a class in it, just like Python.

Also, a class variable is a variable that is declared inside a class but outside of the init method. Moreover, when we talk about Python programming language, the class variables are handled internally as a dictionary and follow the Method Resolution Order (MRO).

The class variables used in Python programming language define the search path to research the right method to be used in classes with multi-inheritance. To ensure your code runs flawless, keep a check on class variables, submit your programming assignment before the deadline, and connect with an expert who provides Python assignment help.

Other than the above five stated most common mistakes in Python programming, and there are some more mistakes which are mentioned below:

  • Python Standard Library Module Names
  • Misusing Expressions
  • Variable Binding
  • Misunderstanding Python Scope
  • Specifying wrong parameters for exception

Even if your Python code has one error, it won’t work; if you wish to get your programming skills to stay intact, and then focus on practising and running error-free Python programs, leaving your assignment tension on the experts who provide you with assignment help.

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