The institute’s headquarters are in Mumbai, with satellite campuses in Navi Mumbai, Shirpur, Indore, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

NMIMS’s Global Access School for Continuing Education offers a variety of courses in a variety of areas, including bachelor’s, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programs.

The online education MBA program is one of their best and is incredibly advantageous to applicants seeking stable employment following the completion of the course.

This article will present information on the distance MBA NMIMS, and you will have a better understanding of the course’s eligibility requirements, cost structure, and syllabus.

Additionally, there is a section with answers to a few commonly asked questions. Therefore, continue reading to learn more!

Distance MBA (PGDM) Program at NMIMS

NMIMS is one of the greatest schools for higher education, and the University Grants Commission has authorized all of its courses, including remote education programs. The Distance Education Bureau of India has also authorized the distance education programs, of which the MBA course is a component.

In 2018, the UGC granted NMIMS Autonomy Category I status. This enabled the institute to establish many remote education programs and to provide chances for online study.

NAAC-accredited NMIMS upholds the highest educational standards and delivers pleasant learning experiences.

The distance education MBA program at NMIMS is comprised of four semesters and is taught by faculty with industry experience.

Students enrolled in this course will be taught by prominent academicians and industry professionals, allowing them to maximize their potential and make a professional impact.

The following sections discuss every aspect of the distance MBA NMIMS program.

Criteria for Eligibility

Students holding a bachelor’s degree in any field of study or an equivalent degree are eligible to enroll in the NMIMS online education MBA program. Their bachelor’s degree must be from an association of Indian universities-recognized institutions.

Additionally, applicants must have earned a minimum of 50% in their graduation.

If you did not get a minimum of 50% in your graduation, you must additionally have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree from an institute recognized by the Association of Indian Universities, as well as at least two years of work experience.


The online education MBA program at NMIMS lasts two years. In January and July of each year, new academic sessions begin.


NMIMS provides a variety of concentration options for its distance MBA NMIMS program. The first two semesters cover the fundamentals of an MBA and introduce some advanced ideas.

You will be able to get a thorough understanding of these topics within the last two semesters, depending on your selected specialization.

The following ten specialized subjects are available:

  • Management of Retail
  • Management of Operations
  • Marketing Administration
  • Management of Information Technology and Systems
  • International Trade Administration
  • Human Resources Of Management
  • Management of Finance
  • Businesses of Management
  • Banking and Finance Administration
  • Management of the Supply Chain

Structure of the Course

First semester

  • Theory and Practice of Management
  • Behavioral Patterns in Organizations
  • Marketing Administration
  • Economics of Business
  • Accounting and financial analysis
  • Managerial Information Systems

Second semester

  • Communication in Business
  • Human Resource Management Fundamentals
  • Commercial Law
  • Management Strategic
  • Management of Operations
  • Science of Decision Making

The third and fourth semesters’ syllabuses are determined by the specialty you’ve chosen. Each specialty course has a unique collection of subjects, which you may view in the brochure for NMIMS’s distance MBA NMIMS program.

How to Apply for Admission?

Fill out the registration form in its entirety. The form is available on the NMIMS’s official website. Payment of the admission processing fee is required to finalize enrollment.

Step 2: Visit an Authorised Enrolment Partner and provide all required documentation for verification. Among these documents are the following:

  • Academic credentials as evidence
  • Documentation of job experience (if any and if required)
  • Photographic identification
  • The photograph was taken at the current passport size

Step 3: After you’ve uploaded your papers, you’ll need to pay the program cost. You have the option of selecting the payment method and the method of payment (online, via demand draft, EMI, or loan).


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