Studying at the international level is a venture that fills the eyes of students with dreams and hopes. However, life is not so smooth, and major, minor inconveniences are part of life. These can be as small as feeling homesick and as big as facing a challenging disease away from home and family support. Birmingham City University (BCU) is one of those institutes that never let international students feel alone and on their own to face all the challenges.

Birmingham City University does not only offer research-based, high-quality knowledge to the enrolled students, but it also offers undaunted support in any aspect of life to the students who need it. BCU is like a second home to international students away from their actual home. Due to this, the university authorities have set up various units and sections to offer non-educational support to international students.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to get your hands on the non-educational benefits for international students at Birmingham City University.

Top 7 Extra Perks of Birmingham City University for International Students

Birmingham City University is an ideal and exemplary higher education institute for international students. The authorities realize that the life of students is not separate from problems and confusion, which can negatively impact their interest and concentration. So, the authorities offer numerous non-educational benefits to make personal life easier and help students focus better on their studies.

Some of the major extra perks of studying at BCU for international students include the following:

1. Guidance in Careers and Job Prospects

Many international institutes bar students from working during the course of their education, but Birmingham City University is not one of them. Instead, the university authorities offer professional guidance in terms of career and job prospects to international students. This is why many students seek the help of study abroad consultants in Islamabad, secure their admission, and get guidance from university authorities for job prospects.

2. Visas and Immigration Support

Visa and immigration are among the major hindrances in the higher education ventures at the international level for many interested students. However, those enrolling at Birmingham City University do not face any such issues as the university authorities offer support and guidance. The students can get guidance about suitable visas, visa extensions, losing passports or visa and work permits.

3. Help in Finance and Money Matters

Another non-educational benefit international students can enjoy at BCU is receiving help in finance and money-related matters. If the students are unable to pay their fees and bear their living expenses, the authorities can offer them scholarships, loans, and work guidance. The professional also offers better insight into managing expenses, so the students are not always worried about money matters.

4. Accommodation Support

Another notable extra perk international students can enjoy at Birmingham City University is the accommodation support. The university offers accommodation to intentional students on its own premises to help them better absorb the culture of the institute and interact with other students. However, it also offers support and guidance to students interested in private accommodation in finding the best place to live.

5. Health and Wellbeing Support

The biggest worry for international students and their parents living in their home country is falling ill without having anyone to look after them. However, Birmingham City University offers health and well-being support to the enrolled international students. So, if you are feeling sick or facing a mental health issue, you can always reach out to authorities for the best possible support and care.

6. Complaints and Appeals

Mishaps and problems are an inherent part of life, and international students are no exception. However, they are always worried about handling problematic situations and reporting them due to fear of their reputation. Birmingham City University offers remarkable non-educational benefits for registering complaints and appeals. So, the international students enrolled at BCU do not have to bear and compromise until their studies are complete but can turn to authorities in case of any complaint and appeal, which will be resolved according to legal procedure.

7. Student Mentoring Opportunities

The most commendable non-educational perk of studying at Birmingham City University is that it offers mentoring opportunities for students. Be it their career, personal life, research work, or course-related concerns; the professional staff is always looking for opportunities to support and assist students. You can also hire study abroad consultants in Islamabad and secure your admission to BCU to ensure valuable learning that shapes your personality and career.

Are you eager to join Birmingham City University?

You will never feel out of the home event after being miles apart if you pick Birmingham City University for higher studies. Contact the professional education consultant and secure admission at BCU to enjoy the best learning environment and polish your personality.


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