The majority of households are equipped with a bar cart or at the minimum the bar cabinet in their living space or lounge. It’s difficult to move these devices to outdoor spaces. Bar carts aren’t all made from materials that can stand up to the stress and wear of the weather, while others might appear unnatural in a casual informal environment. It’s still a great idea to have a bar cart can be rolled about outside when your guests or family members are coming having dinner with you, as it makes mixing cocktails easier. We’ve picked some of our top bar carts for your patio or garden, as well as your back deck. Make sure you purchase a few top shelf spirits to fill them before you host the big celebration.

Dometic MoBar

It’s not the most fashionable gold bar cart unless you’re into stainless steel. However, MoBar is among the most useful, practical drink options for on-the-go available. The fridge can hold more than 38 bottles and an ice bucket on the outside that can fit 22 bottles in for larger gatherings. There’s plenty of space for you to prepare and display food items, along with dry storage space. It’s a win-win situation.

Serena & Lily Captiva Bar

Serena and Lily, outdoor experts,’ bar cart fashioned from rattan provides a dose of beach to your porch. While it appears to be the wicker of old, it’s actually resin that’s resistant to all kinds of weather. It’s ideal to display plants if that’s your style.

Kann Design Trink Bar Cart

Trink is a different method to the traditional bar car by making the rear wheels very large–and green. It’s designed through Parisian firm Kann Design, it’s constructed out of teak wood and is beautiful both outside as well as inside.

Fermob Luxembourg Bar Cart

The idea for this bar cart originates directly from the stunning places in Paris. The year 1923 was the first time a collection of slatted metal furniture were designed to be used in the Luxembourg Gardens, a collection that influenced the designer Frederic Sofia. This is modernized, featuring an able tray that can be removed from the top of the cart, which can be used for serving and an aluminum construction to ensure durability.

Dot Longday Bar Cart Blu Dot Longday Bar Cart

The design of Longday is minimal, meaning it won’t be a threat to any vibrant tables or lawn chairs which are already on the lawn. It’s constructed of aluminum and teak with the highest shelf has cutting boards for making cocktails.

Lane Venture Winterthur Estate Bar Cart

Lane Venture’s bar cart appears somewhat old-fashioned it has a style comprised of many straight lines, right angles and straight lines. It’s made from durable aluminum, meaning it won’t break when it rains and also comes with two glass surfaces that can be used to store glassware and bottles of booze.

Arhaus Hamptons Outdoor Bar Cart

The Hamptons cart has a timeless look that’s timeless. It’s got a good reason why it’s so: it’s influenced by the formal furniture. You’ll find in beautifully maintained English gardens. It’s as comfortable on a patio or in a pool and, because it’s made out of teak, it’s designed to survive every storm with no damage.

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