Gray kitchen cabinets are a great way to update your kitchen’s look instantly.

Whether you want to install one of the many different types of contemporary kitchens or get a traditional style kitchen updated, installing gray cabinets will change the whole look and feel of your kitchen.

When it comes to kitchen design, gray is becoming the new must-have color that everyone should have. gray is both modern and edgy and timeless and classic at the same time. So it should come as no surprise that gray is quickly becoming the neutral of our time.

Read this blog to know more about different shades of gray for kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen gray  cabinets

As a new take on neutral, gray can be a great choice because of its almost chameleon-like quality and its wide range of warm and cool shades, making it a good choice. It looks good in almost every room, mood, and setting.

gray is an excellent color for kitchens because it can be used in many ways. It’s neutral and warm simultaneously, so it’s the best of both worlds for you. In any style, gray is a good choice for a background.

White and gray  cabinets

You will find that gray makes other parts of the kitchen decor stand out. Gray is an excellent color to use to make bright colors or dark colors stand out. It is said that the gray color is a way to show traits like being calm, wise, knowledgeable, quiet, peaceful, and clean. This is what people say. gray is a great color because it hides messes and imperfections and will help you keep things clean.

gray  cabinetry

If you genuinely want to enjoy the magic of gray in the kitchen, choose gray kitchen cabinetry in Columbus instead of white ones. It doesn’t matter if it’s painted, stained, or gray washed. gray is the best color to go with other woods or white cabinets. Here are some things to think about that can help you get the look you want.

        Light gray cabinets: 

A pale gray color gives the room a clean, crisp look. They are said to be more feminine and have a more relaxing feel. We think you should use our new galaxy horizon or nexus slate cabinets to get in on the trend and make your home look warm and luminous.

       Dark gray cabinets: 

For something a little more dramatic, dark gray cabinets have a more robust, more masculine look to them. We think galaxy cobblestone cabinets would make your kitchen stand out and feel like it’s in the middle of the storm.

Stylish gray  kitchen cabinets you’ll love

A gray cabinet looks great with a modern font and a sleek finish, but it also looks great with a more traditional shaker style. You can choose from a lot of different things. As you plan your kitchen renovation or makeover, we think gray cabinets are a great way to change up any traditional look. Neutral and stylish simultaneously, they play it cool and stay up to date. It’s also good because they stay in the kitchen cabinetry in Columbus.

  • Gray & wood kitchen

Dark gray cabinets with warm wood tones in the floors, ceiling, and other kitchen parts make this cottage-style kitchen look like it came from a real farm. White paint and countertops make this kitchen feel bright and clean, making it more open and airy.

  • Traditional dark gray  cabinets

Dark gray cabinets can look great in a traditional-style kitchen because of the lattice windows and rolling ladder, and the beautiful wood beams. This kitchen, which was originally a library, is an excellent example of how to do this. It looks more modern because of the lights and art.

  • Gray-stained cabinet

Many different gray stained cabinets can work well in rustic or farmhouse kitchens like this one. Make sure that the look is modern and retro by painting your cabinets in a dark color like this: add a patterned backsplash and some bold lighting to finish the look!

  • Gray and gold cabinet

It looks like a modern designer made them. The gold accents and marble counters give this kitchen a very high-end look. This would be great for a loft or a studio space, and it would look great.

  • Gray  Kitchen Island

A gray kitchen island adds contrast and dimension to your white kitchen design, making it look more exciting and unique. Wood beams and gold accents add to the two-tone look.

  • Gray cabinets & marble

The right shade of gray and the right veining in marble make a room look fabulous. Marble makes any kitchen look better, and using it makes it look even better. We also love how the light fixtures bring this space together. This is a great place to work.

  • Two-toned gray

The 50 shades of gray make it easy to match two of them. This two-toned gray kitchen has a light shade of gray and a dark charcoal color.

  • Gray all over

Sometimes, the best design is to go all in, like this kitchen with one color all the way through, like this. We like the different shades of gray in this kitchen and the gray walls.

  • Modern and sleek gray cabinets

Flat-panel cabinets with charcoal gray countertops and walnut finishes make it look modern in this kitchen. Rooms look bigger and more open when bright floor-to-ceiling windows let in light. You can also get more information about The Best Way to Pair Gray Cabinets with Countertops

  • Traditional gray kitchen

These gray cabinets have a lot of blue undertones, and they look great with the white tile. It looks more modern because of the wicker lights, open shelving, and quartz countertops.


Gray kitchens can be a solution to some dining room design and color management dilemmas. The above blog introduces the power of gray kitchen cabinetry in Columbus. It also explains how it is used in specific industries such as retail, restaurants, or online stores. I hope this guide will be helpful for you. 

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