QuickBooks error 6190 may occur when you attempt to open a QuickBooks company file that is present in single-user mode. Another common reason can be the mismatch between your company and the transaction log files. Whatever be the reason, the issue can be resolved quickly if proper measures are followed. Here is a comprehensive guide to get rid of the error code 6190 in QuickBooks.

Triggers of QuickBooks Error 6190

Multiple reasons can trigger QuickBooks error code 6190. Here, we have listed the most common triggers of the QuickBooks error code 6190.

  • The transaction entries in the QuickBooks company file and transaction log files are not the same.
  • You may also encounter the issue if the file extension is like .qbw .tlgfile. Because of this, you can not convert the file into a company file, 
  • If you attempt to open or update your QuickBooks company file on any other system, the error will occur.
  • The company file that you are attempting to use is faulty.
  • Moreover, the issue may also occur if any other user attempts to open the company file present in the single-user mode.

Fixation Methods for QuickBooks Error 6190

You can fix the Quickbooks error code 6190 using different methods. Here, we have listed some proven techniques to help you resolve error code 6190 in minutes. Check out all the methods below.

Method 1: Update the QuickBooks Application

New updates are launched every year to introduce new features for the user and get rid of the bugs of the existing version of the application. Updating your QuickBooks application to the latest version is a must to run the application smoothly on the system. If you fail to update the application, you may face different errors. Here is how you can update the application.

  • Initially, you will have to tap on the windows icon on the system. Tap on the search option and find QuickBooks desktop on your system.
  • From the options appearing on the screen, tap on the QuickBooks application and right-click on the same. Choose run as an administrator option.
  • Make sure that no company file is opened on your system. In the QuickBooks application window, tap on the Help tab. Under this, click on the option to update QuickBooks.
  • Tap on the “Mark All” option from the options appearing on the system.
  • Next, tap on the update now option after saving the option.
  • Now, choose the reset updates option and select the get updates option. You will now get notifications for all the updates.
  • Let the updates install on the system. Start the QuickBooks application again, and when the prompt to install updates appears on the screen, choose Yes.
  • On completion of installation, restart QuickBooks.

Method 2: Fix Mismatch of Transaction Log File and Company File

One of the principal reasons for facing the QuickBooks error 6190 is the mismatch between the transaction log file and the company file. This can lead to many other errors in Quickbooks, and fixing this mismatch is one of the standard Quickbooks Error 6150 Solutions. Here is how you can fix this mismatch.

  • First, open the company file folder on your system.
  • In the folder, look for the company file. Both the transaction log file and the company file will probably have the same name. However, the extensions will be different. 
  • Choose the extension and then right-click on the name of your company file. You will have to change the name, but keep the extension the same.
  • Now, change the name of your transaction file as well. Terminate the QuickBooks application and then try opening the file again.

Method 3: Use QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks file doctor tool can help you resolve almost all the QuickBooks errors. You can either download the tool via the official website or use it via the tool hub. Here are the steps that you have to follow.

  • To begin with, you will have to download and install the file doctor tool from your system.
  • You will then have to log in to your system as an admin.
  • You will have to tap on the check file damage only option when done.
  • Now, choose your affected company file.
  • When done, it will ask you for your password. Type the password and then proceed.
  • Select if you are working on a server system or workstation system.
  • Tap on the proceed option to start the scanning process.
  • On completion, check if the issue is resolved or not.

Method 4: Update the Windows Operating System

If your system’s operations system is not updated to the latest version, QuickBooks error code 6190 can occur. Updating your operating system can fix most of the issues. Here are the steps that you have to follow.

  • First, you will have to tap on the windows icon. There, in the search icon, type update.
  • Choose the windows update option from the options appearing or check for the updates option.
  • Now, you will have to wait till it checks for updates.
  • If any updates are pending, install them.

Winding Up

So, these were all the practical methods that you can use to fix the QuickBooks error 6190. Make sure you follow them in the same way to avoid complicating the issue more. If you continue facing the same issue, we suggest you seek technical help. You Can Read Our More Articles To Get Some More Knowledge.




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