Shopping for a new electronic gadget is always exciting and fun. But if you shop a little bit smartly, you can save a lot of your money.

Also, not so surprisingly, hundreds of new top electronic stores in Canada have emerged, making it difficult to decide where you can buy your favorite product. You can check for all of your favorite electronics with just one google search, but where can you maximize your benefits? 

Many people don’t pay attention to the benefits that online shopping offers you. 

These are the common problems that every online shopper faces, but here we will provide you with all the tips that will save your time and money.

Tip Number 1- Always Track Prices- 

While shopping online, have you ever detected that prices are constantly changing? The chances are that you have. Online shopping sites usually use complicated algorithms that raise and lower prices based on several factors. For instance, they can track your purchase history, the day of the week, and trending items to change the price. The price change is not a one-time thing. Sometimes prices can change even multiple times a day.

So, consider shopping when the price hits the minimum, like on festivals days, holidays, or brand anniversaries. Having little patience can save you a lot of your money.

Tip Number 2- Be A Super Fan Of Your Favorite Store- 

You could be shopping from multiple stores, but there is always that one store you love to check and buy everything from. If you don’t have a favorite store, consider having it now because online stores admire their regular customers. Sometimes, they can offer special discounts to customers like you, as a reward. 

Also, some websites offer better offers and prices, especially for their members. So, do take some time to make an account. Follow the stores and brands you love on social media and sign up for their email newsletters- so that you will get all the exclusive deals and early notifications of upcoming sales.

Tip Number 3- Never Look For The Deals From A Specific Device-

Again, surprisingly, online shopping sites can determine which devices are in use for shopping. And then, according to the device you are using, they can change the price from low to high and vice versa. Let’s take an example. Suppose you are surfing the shopping sites from a Mac device, then the website will consider you as a well-earning user. So, can you guess what will happen next? High prices!

To prevent this from happening, use different devices. Never stick to a device if you want to save some money.

Tip Number 4- Go Private With Private Window- 

Not everyone owns the different devices, but that doesn’t mean they can’t save money. 

You can use the private window of the browser to shop online. Every browser has a private window that prevents websites from containing cookies from your activities. 

By not being able to track your previous activities, the website will consider you as a new user. And as a result, it will show the minimum price it can. Websites often do it with their new users. So, go incognito!

Tip Number 5- Apply Coupons- 

Online coupons are always the best when it comes to saving money. You have to collect them and then redeem them at checkout. You can easily find these coupons online without any hustle and bustle. Some websites offer coupons for free and paid; you can buy a suitable coupon for yourself. And then apply it during the time of checkout. Isn’t it simple?

Tip Number 6- Buy More, Pay Less- 

You may already know this point, but we can’t complete the list without mentioning it. It is more like a traditional method to save a huge amount of money.

You can always shop in the “buy one and get one free” section. However, buy more and pay less term has adverse meanings in some situations. Like, delivery fees can be high on different websites. But if you buy multiple items at once, you can save yourself from paying the extra delivery charges. It can save you from tens to hundreds of dollars.

Tip Number 7- Never Check Out Immediately- 

This might sound weird, but it’s practical. There is a concept called abandoned carts. When a user leaves the items in a cart but does not proceed to buy, it creates an abandoned cart. 

Websites offer huge discounts for the purpose of emptying abandoned carts. So, if you have time and you can wait for some time, never check out immediately.

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