The Best Free Stock Video Websites for 2022


In the realm of marketing, video is no longer the future. It’s here and today, particularly in the realm of social media (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) advertising and marketing, where video content that is professional and high-quality is the norm for the day.


Recent statistics support this 84% of respondents claim to have been convinced to buy a product service after watching a company’s video.


According to the report for 2020:


Ninety-six percent of marketers have made ads on the video.

Ninety-one percent of marketers are happy with video marketing results through social media.

93% of companies gained an additional customer due to sharing a video on social media.

However, consistently producing quality videos is an enormous task. You’ll require a substantial budget for marketing and years of expertise in creating and editing videos on your own. Although there is a lot of excellent video editing software that you can use without any previous experience, there’s an option that’s much simpler to use: stock videos.


But finding free premium video clips isn’t an easy task since numerous websites that offer stock videos have a steep subscription cost. A few websites allow you to download free footage of stock videos to use for commercial purposes.

It could be for Facebook videos or marketing presentations, campaign landing pages, or silent social videos; in this article, we select the top royalty-free resources for businesses on a budget.



The top websites for free stock videos in 2021.

Many websites offer free stock videos. However, in terms of quality and selection, the following seven make a statement.


Free video websites: Pexels

A platform for video stock Pexels

The first to be mentioned is Pexels, the website that was initially devoted to stock images. Nowadays, it has a good collection of footage from stock videos under the CC0 (the Creative Commons license), which means you can use them in commercial or personal projects without needing attribution.


The majority of clips are under 30 seconds. You will find clips for nearly any topic. Action videos are particularly eye-catching.


Pexels also provides “mockup” clips of mobile devices with green screens, which your footage can replace.


The majority of videos on this website are available on MP4 HD and Full HD, though some 4K videos are available.


Free stock video site #2: Pixabay

Stock video platform Pixabay

The next to be mentioned is Pixabay, another well-known site for its free stock image collection. However, the site is an excellent repository of royalty-free stock footage (CC0) available for free to download, use and alter.


Like Pexels, Most of the footage is less than one minute in length, and the selection of clips is impressive. You can find clips for free for almost every project and everything from stunning drone footage to nature and wildlife shots to people in a corporate setting.


Download clips in MP4 format at the resolution you want with a range of resolutions from HD up to 4K.


Website for free stock videos #3 Dareful

A platform for stock video Dareful

Are you looking for high-quality, free 4K videos? Dareful is the ideal site to locate them.


The website offers hundreds of royalty-free 4K stock video clips that you can download for no cost and use for whatever purpose. The drone’s landscapes and background loops, each captured by the site’s founder Joel Holland, feel like they were taken from a huge-budget film studio.


Dareful gives a full description of every MP4 video so that you are aware of what you’ll be getting before starting the download.


The content is all free However; it’s released with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which means you must give proper credit, give a hyperlink for the license, and state the date of any changes.


Website for free stock videos #4 Videezy

Stock video platform Videezy

If you’re thinking of aerial footage, consider Videezy. The platform has a nice collection of MP4 clips available in HD and 4K resolutions and four-channel Adobe After Effects templates.


Most of the content on Videezy can be downloaded for free; however, it is easy to locate free loops of videos designed for commercial and personal use since the premium videos have the green “Pro” label in their thumbnails.


If you are using footage of the video that is free from Videezy, You must credit Videezy credit for the use of their platform:


To use TV, YouTube ads, or an equivalent (Buy YouTube Views UK) channel, you need to be sure to include “” within the credit line.

If you want to use Videezy on your website, it is necessary to include the code directly to Videezy on your site.

It is possible to sign to a Videezy Pro membership plan to download a variety of 4K studio content for free use without any attribution.


Free stock video site #5: Videvo

Free video platform Videvo

Video is another platform to search for free footage from video and motion graphics created by a vibrant group of artists.


Its library of content is large, mostly filled with HD stock videos and some 4K videos. However, while there’s plenty to pick from, the quality isn’t the same.


Some clips are professional, and others were taken without tripods. Some of the clips are MP4s, and others are in QuickTime format.


The content is covered within one of the three licensing options, so be sure to determine which one applies to you before deciding to make use of it:


Free of charge: You can use the video for free without the need for attribution.

Videvo Attribution: Similar to royalty-free; however, you have to acknowledge the source. Read the guidelines for Videvo’s licensing for more information on how to do this.

Creative Commons 3.0 Unported: The same as the Videvo Attribution license. However, you’re also allowed to share (not offered for sale) the clip in its original unaltered and with attribution. You can use the clip for commercial use.

Additionally, there’s a “NASA License” to use NASA images.


Free stock video site #6: Clipstill

Video platform for free. Clipstill

Clipstill offers many cinemagraphs, still images with a tiny repeating animation that plays in the loop that creates a dramatic cinematic effect.


These videos can be an attractive supplement for the Instagram video strategy or can help to improve your web design.


Although most cinematography is available on Clipstill has an expense, and the site offers an enticing selection of free movies updated every month. You can save the site and often come for updates.


The site is based on CC0, which means you are free to use the cinematography for any purpose, even commercial ones with no attribution. In some instances, you might require the Extended License, and you can find out more about it here.


Free video stock website number 7 Cover

A free video platform that is stock. Cover

The cover is another trusted source of cinematic, free videos that you can use for various campaigns. You can easily locate videos of any kind or download an MP4 without the requirement of creating an account.


The website provides a decent mixture of time-lapse, drone, and cinematic clips for various projects. The website also gets bonus points due to its no-cost online Zoom background.


Make sure you have a library of high-quality videos

There’s no shortage of top-quality free footage from the stock video available to download immediately. If you’re not certain what website best suits your needs, take one hour to take each one a try beginning with our top choices -the Pexels, Dareful, and Dareful. Pexels along with Dareful.


Be sure to:


Review the licensing details and attribution requirements before using any content from stock.

Assess the performance of your social media video content with the right metrics.

Have you previously tried a platform that allows you to upload videos for free? Which one do you prefer? Comment below and tell us!

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