Buying the best laptop in 2022 that meets your needs is sometimes complicated, with nearly different models on laptop price comparison, the choice is important. Discover the Laptop information and sound advice to help you choose and buy the ideal laptop for you, at the best price.

Pick the right as per your niche – laptop buying guides

How to choose the right configuration for your Gaming Laptop? The processor, the RAM, the storage, or even the screen diagonal? All these questions are addressed in our guide to choosing the right laptop.

Nothing looks more like a hp i7 laptop than another laptop. However, performance and equipment can vary considerably from one model to another. Screen size, storage space, processor, graphics card, connectivity… there are many parameters to take into account when purchasing.

Choosing the best laptop is above all choosing the one that best suits your needs. For Gamers who plan to use their computer to play video games, edit photos or do video editing, a high-performance graphics card with dedicated memory and a large capacity disk (at least 1 TB) are essential. In this case, you have to be ready to spend more than 800 €.

The Processor

It is the heart of the system that coordinates the work of the various components. The more we ask of the computer, the more powerful it must be. Recommended an Intel i3 or i5, you will make the right choice.


If the hard drive has not disappeared, today it is the SSD that is on the rise. It must be said that this storage system based on flash technology has serious advantages. Less bulky and less fragile than a hard disk, it above all offers significant time savings thanks to its high speeds and reduced data access time. Whether copying files, launching applications, opening documents, or starting the computer, everything goes much faster. However, the SSD has a major flaw: its limited storage capacity. Consumer models rarely exceed 256 GB. Ideally, it should be associated with a larger capacity hard drive. You will thus benefit from both the speed of the SSD and the storage capacity of the hard disk.

The graphics Card

All Intel & AMD processors have built-in graphics that are sufficient to perform basic tasks and play basic games. If you plan to perform heavier graphics tasks, such as image processing or video editing, opt for a laptop with a second graphics circuit (Nvidia or AMD) with dedicated memory. This configuration will also allow you to play some 3D games. Fans of state-of-the-art 3D games should turn to high-end configurations specific to this hobby.

Laptop RAM

Plan enough from the start because not having enough can slow down the computer and it is often impossible to add more. 4GB might be enough for office use, but with 8GB of RAM, you’re good to go.

The Right Connection

Check that the computer is equipped with an HDMI socket (to transmit the image and sound) and at least 3 USB sockets (including a USB 3.0 port, faster than USB 2.0, and to the extent of the possible a latest-generation USB 3 Type-C socket). An Ethernet port is a plus (in this case, prefer Gigabit Ethernet, faster than 10/100) and an SD card reader can be useful, especially if you plan to transfer the photos taken with it to the computer. your camera. As for wireless, opt for Wi-Fi ac (faster than Wi-Fi n). As for the Bluetooth connection, it will allow you to stream music to a Bluetooth speaker, for example, USB 3 Type-C connector and a standard USB 3.0 connector.

Pre-Installed Software

Most computers come with the trial version of the Microsoft Office 365 office suite, usable for 30 days. Beyond that, you have to pay for the license. Some computers also include older versions of complete software. The presence of video editing software such as Cyber link, for example, can be useful. A program for playing videos is a plus even if it is possible to download them for free.

The main manufacturers of Gaming laptops such as Asus, MSI, dell laptop price in uae, or HP which offer the equivalent quality given their price. The difference will be in the design, or certain options, and above all, the promotions offered by stores or online sellers.



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