Are you thinking about renting a small dumpster for your DIY yard clean-up or garage cleanout? A tiny dumpster can be the best container for any small property or building and construction waste elimination project in your home or building and construction website.

If you have any small house improvement job, renting a small dumpster can allow you to deal with all the waste efficiently. It is fast, cost-effective, and comfortable to do. There are many reasons why you should rent a 10-yard dumpster for small DIY domestic projects.

Rent a small roll-off dumpster for less. Save up to 50% on space you don’t need

If you have a lot of construction waste to get rid of, a small 10-yard dumpster can be the best option. Heavy building materials like shingles or concrete take up less space in a dumpster than lighter materials. You don’t want to waste money by renting a large dumpster when you won’t even fill it up, so renting a tiny dumpster is more intelligent.

 A Small Dumpster Can Hold More Garbage Than a Regular Trash Can

A small 10-yard dumpster is more significant and can easily handle all home cleanout or yard clean-up waste compared to a regular rental bin. If you need to get rid of furniture or debris from your yard or home, leasing a dumpster is the easiest way to do it.

Renting Little Dumpsters is more affordable. 


Renting a bigger dumpster than you need costs more money. If you only use part of the space, you’re wasting money. Renting a smaller dumpster is less expensive. If you’re not sure how much stuff you need to throw away, it’s better to start small. Especially if you are trying to save money on renovation or moving costs, renting a smaller dumpster is a good way to do that.


Pickups and Deliveries are Fast

Larger dumpsters are harder to move around. They are bigger and heavier, so it takes more people to move them. They also take up more space, so the pick-up crew might need help getting them off the truck. With a smaller dumpster, it is easier to move and takes up less space. This design and size makes it easier for us to guarantee timely drop-off and pickup appointments.

A Little Dumpster is More Presentable 


Leasing a tiny dumpster is a good idea because it looks neat and presentable. A 10-yard dumpster looks much better than a bigger-sized container. It would help if you thought about precisely when you live in an HOA area or when you plan on keeping the dumpster on-site for more than a couple of days. Your next-door neighbors will be happier if they don’t have to look at an ugly eyesore every day of your rental duration.


A small dumpster is easy to maneuver. 


You can use a tiny 10-yard dumpster to clean up a small area. It can fit on your driveway, and you will still have space to park your cars and truck. When you lease a tiny yard dumpster, you do not need to worry about finding the perfect spot on your property. They are also easier to move to the placement area, making drop-off and pick-up more straightforward.


If you are looking for the most suitable dumpster size for your home cleanout, shed demolition, remodeling, or yard clean-up, a small 10-yard dumpster is perfect. Contact us at Precision Disposal of South Florida to rent a tiny dumpster, or call us at 772-281-5027 for your Do-It-Yourself house improvement project. We offer the best dumpster rental in Orlando FL with All Dumpster Sizes from 2 Yard to 40 Yard dumpster sizes at an affordable price.


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