When it comes to seeking gains from stock market investments, there are different types of trading options available. One such trading is swing trading. Swing trading can be successful and provide an excellent perspective to learn about both short-term and long-term market movements if losses are limited to tolerable levels utilizing stop-loss procedures. Swing trading has the disadvantage of requiring constant effort to manage deals, which means you may miss out on possible earnings due to market movements.

This kind of stock trading mainly rests on technical analysis to decode the move of price and its trends. However, sometimes stock analysts refer to fundamental analysis to choose the underlying asset or stock. Below is a list that highlights the top swing traders of India.

Rank                                                                Swing Trading Broker

1                                                                      Angel Broking

2                                                                      Motilal Oswal

3                                                                      IIFL

4                                                                      Zerodha

5                                                                      Upstox

6                                                                      Sharekhan

7                                                                      ICICI Direct

8                                                                      Axis Direct

9                                                                      5Paisa

10                                                                    HDFC Securities

This list has been prepared by checking the performance of these brokers against 5 crucial parameters of swing trading. They are market experience, brokerage, compatible trading platforms or apps, Swing trading products, and trade signals.

So, now, let’s get to know something about each of this broker below.

1. Angel Broking

The best stock broker in India is primarily known for its flat brokerage scheme which makes it the top discount broker in the country. The broker offers a wide range of products and services related to swing trading.

Backed by years of expertise in swing trading, Angel Broking promises a best-in-class swing trading experience to stock investors over time. In addition, the brokerage levied by the discount broker is very nominal which means any investor with any investment capacity can choose to indulge in swing trading.

The trading platform by Angel broking is quite effective and responsive in regard to aggressive stock trading.

2. Zerodha

Another popular name in the category of swing trading is Zerodha. It promises a smoother and more affordable way to trading in swing stocks.

The best thing about Zerodha is that it doesn’t charge any brokerage for the delivery of stocks which means you won’t need to pay anything to indulge in swing trading. In regard to trading platforms, Kite by Zerodha is considered one of the most advanced trading platforms available today.

Although Zerodha doesn’t have too much experience in this sector, it endeavors to offer unparalleled services to stock traders.

3. Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal is another well-known brand in the market. It’s a seasoned pro when it comes to swing trading. For many years, it has provided swing trading services to traders.

It offers a variety of investment options, including everything from basic shares to valuable commodities and more.

Technical analysis tools and capabilities abound with the MO Trader software and terminal. As a result, these technologies make trading simple.

4. Upstox

Swing traders are rapidly switching to this technology-driven brokerage firm. This is because the broker offers unmatched swing trading platforms and applications.

Swing trading is aided by the platforms’ various technical tools, indicators, and other features.

Furthermore, there are no delivery fees, so you won’t have to pay any brokerage fees if you’re swing trading.

The broker also offers a variety of investment instruments via which you may place your bet.


India Infoline, or IIFL, is a leading stock brokerage firm that provides swing trading services. It offers a wide range of swing trading products. The cheapest stock broker in India has been in the market for a long time and also offers a swing trading service.

As a result, it has a lot of experience, which is why it offers a variety of technical and fundamental analytical tools to give that you can use for swing trading.

IIFL charges 0.25 percent of the trade amount for swing trading, which is a very modest fee.

6. ICICI Direct

The best stock broker in India offers various asset categories which allow investors to get the most preferred assets or stocks given their fundamental analysis.

The trading platform of ICICI Direct is very smart and provides a huge range of resources that further helps in choosing the right stock.

There are different types of trading tools and calculators available to choose from. The brokerage is just 0.55% of the trading value.

7. Sharekhan

It is one name that needs no introduction. Sharekhan has been in the stock trading business for several years and offers a wide assortment of investment categories and segments to its investors.

It includes a wealth of technical analysis tools as well as information for fundamental study. In addition, the firm has a lot of experience in this industry.

The firm charges a delivery fee of 0.3 percent, which means that you must pay these sums as brokerage for swing trading.

8. Axis Direct

Another name in the category of swing trading is Axis Direct. It has gained immense popularity among investors due to its wide-ranging brokerage charges, and trading platforms.

It charges a big high brokerage of 0.5% as compared to other broking houses.

9. HDFC Securities

Backed by none other than HDFC Bank Limited, HDFC Securities has secured a special place in the arena of swing trading. There are different types of trading products and options available to choose from.

It charges just 0.5% of the trading amount.

10. 5Paisa

5Paisa is considered among the top stock brokers in India and it is also a prominent player in swing trading. There is zero brokerage for delivering trades and swing trading.

Its technology-led trading platforms boast different trading indicators to signify entry-exit points in swing trading.


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