Laserbeschriftung Edelstahl is a type of die-cutting that can keep components such as fittings, housings, and markings on ferrous, plastic, and ceramic materials. This process uses light electrical current to create a physical impression on the material’s surface. The result is a durable mark and lasts for a very long time.
Many of the products we sell can create and erase laser signatures. This is useful when you mark a surface and don’t have time to wait for the mark to dry before applying a surface finish.
However, you may struggle to find materials precisely the perfect consistency for your application. Fortunately, we can achieve this with the help of analytical software. Read on for everything you need to know about lasered stonework.

What is Laser marking stainless steel?
When you start as a freemason, you may struggle to find materials with precisely the right consistency for your application.

When you’re in the business of creating decorative finishes for your customers’ products, you’re often faced with a need to make a durable, lasting impression on the surface of your product. As the light strikes the steel, it generates a pattern airbrushed by the air and paints on the surface.

How to create a lasered mark on stainless steel
To create a lasered mark on stainless steel, you will need the following:

Iron or steel core

14 gauge or larger wire

Small alcohol

generous amounts of water


Iron or steel rod

A mixture of oil and water to avoid drizzling


Scrap or metal nail

Needle and Thread


Oven or a toaster or bain Cycle

The process of creating a lasered mark on the surface of your product is called shear. The iron or steel is heated to a red-hotness, then melted or oxidized. This reducing heat is then applied to the wire to shear it. This action removes excess moisture and allows for a deeper red-orange colouration.

The benefits of lasered stonework
Once you’ve created a lasered mark on your surface, you can apply a variety of finishes to it. You can add a decorative border or an embellished edge or opt for a matte finish. Once you’ve chosen your finish, you can start the process of applying it.

Just as with other types of die-cutting, the more you use it, the better you’ll like it. You will see improvement in the longevity of your mark and the repairability of your object.
Key points to stay aware of while lasered stonework is complete.
Dry time: You do not have access to water or other moist materials during the day.
The finish dries quickly: Even though your finish is dry, the components can still withstand the attack of wasp and wasp scrape and re-fragment, leaving the finish unbroken.
Do not expose your work to high heat: This can damage the wire and cause breakage.
Use protection: Protected work areas are always more durable and will last longer.
Use gloves: When working in oil or other highly task-intruding areas, wear gloves.
Work in a well-lit space: Look for darker areas with more contrast between the light and dark elements in your work.

Critical to successful lasered stonework
You have established a set of rules for your work setup and routine.
daily activities that do not involve drawing or painting
your home environment
your business environment
strategy for solving your customer problems
philosophy for performing your task
plan for leaving the office in a timely fashion
plan for receiving feedback
learning from your labour of love


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