Electric pressure washers come in various amperages as single-phase and three-phase. A downside to electric machines at any amperage is the power cable, which restricts their movement. This makes them popular in fixed environments like wash bays. Although they can still be moved around as long as there is power and water available.

Where they are available, electric machines tend to dominate the market because of the low running costs. Electric motors are low maintenance and fuel-free. But if you will be working near locations that require minimal disruption, it might be better to invest in a petrol or diesel machine.Machines which require power

 Petrol Pressure Washers

Some petrol machines come with four wheels and a water tank, which makes them manoeuvrable but limits their use to petrol stations. This means they need to carry the water with them, which could make it difficult to power a pressure cleaner from a ute or trailer.

Many people consider the upfront cost, which is normally low when it comes to petrol pressure cleaners. However, there are some higher maintenance costs over the life of the machine due to wear and tear on the petrol motor. This makes petrol a good option for any mobile cleaning operation. But if your operation runs for long hours and/or regularly, it might be worth investing in a diesel instead because diesel machines tend to be more cost effective over time.

Diesel Pressure Washers

One advantage of a diesel pressure washer is the fuel efficiency. Yes, it might be a bit more expensive to buy diesel, but it lasts much longer than gasoline and can run for hours at a time. Plus, they have a higher flow rate and more powerful engines, cutting cleaning times. I’ve owned petrol engine cars before, and they can’t hold a candle to my trusty diesel. It’s basically just a better engine.

Here are some of the reasons diesel machines tend to dominate in these industries. They’re common in industrial applications, often used in trailer-mounted pressure cleaners that are typical in earthmoving and mining equipment. Hot water pressure washers also use diesel fuel and can be found as stationary hot water machines because of this. Diesel machines are heavier duty than petrol-powered models and require less maintenance. While they do come with a higher base price tag, they tend to be worth it, especially if you’ve got an industrial-sized project on your hands.


The next thing you want to consider when choosing a pressure washer, is whether you need hot water, or cold water. There are benefits to both and the choice largely depends on what you will be cleaning.

Cold Water Cleaning

One of the reasons that cold-water machines are so popular is the obvious low up-front cost compared to hot water, due to the fact they don’t have a heating coil or burner that hot water requires.

Cleaning greasy and oily substances off of surfaces takes a lot of work and a good chemical cleaner. Hot water machines are much better used in these situations.

Hot Water Cleaning

All water put out by a hot water machine is hot. It’s more expensive to buy up-front, but it’s cheaper in the long run because you won’t need to buy as many chemicals or accessories for tougher cleaning. In fact, hot water cleans surfaces way faster than cold water pressure machines.

Mix a little cooking oil with hot water and you can clean the grease and grime off of machinery. The combination of heat, water and oil quickens the process and prevents bacteria growth. This is what makes hot water very popular in any type of machinery cleaning. Hot water is also popular in the food industry, where restaurants are required to clean according to government regulations.

Commercial Pressure Washers from Jetwave Group

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