Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital aims to provide the best possible medical treatment to all cancer patients. The hospital has treated several patients with high success rates, but has been in the news for some fake scams. However, this has not done any damage to the reputation of the hospital and the doctors didn’t give in to the pressure and continue to deliver the best treatment that they’re known for, which is commendable. But what was the story behind the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital scam and what were the important things that people should know about? Let’s have a look at the scams and understand the reality.

Fake News: Overly Priced Medicines and Treatment 

Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital is a government-owned healthcare centre that provides affordable treatment to all. Its main motive is to treat cancer patients at an affordable price and certainly, the news about hospitals charging high for medicines and treatments is fake.

There are no commercial or hidden charges for treatment or medicines at all. The medicines used for all types of cancer are available at affordable rates as per the market price, and no extra charges are added. However, the hospital doesn’t compromise on the quality of medicines and treatment. The treatment fees are also covered under health insurance plans that reduce or flag the fee for many patients.

The management of the hospital said that the media is trying to defame the hospital by spreading false news among the public. They further added that the hospital has been treating cancer patients for several years and has never got a single complaint regarding the treatment or medicines.

Fake News: Unhygienic Rooms and Inadequate Facilities

RGCH was in the news for all the wrong reasons when competitors planted fake news about the hospital. An article was released in a newspaper stating that RGCH was not following the guidelines and even compromising on cleanliness and patients’ health. The article went viral on social media platforms and news channels.

Patients and their families who had been treated in the hospital started sharing their positive experiences on the media. This support came as a relief to the hospital and proved the news wrong in just a few weeks. Regarding the cleanliness and facilities, the hospital has been using advanced facilities to treat cancer patients and that’s the reason the cure rate at RGCH is high.

Fake News: Unqualified Medical Staff and Doctors

This is a completely false news. The recruitment process at RGCH is one of the best in the industry. There are several interviews and tests that a medical professional must pass to get the job. Also, there are several ongoing training sessions for doctors and nurses to keep them updated on the latest medical knowledge. So, it is not true that RGCH recruits unqualified medical staff.

Well, these are a few of the fake reports about RGCH that everyone should know of. They can go through Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital Delhi Reviews or any other branch reviews to learn about patients’ experiences. And, when patients discover such true stories of patients and their families. It will help them make well-informed decisions for their treatment. The above information will help the patients and their families to know that they are in safe hands.


Citizens of the world are seeing a variety of misinformation and unauthenticated content circulating on the Internet. This is all pretty understandable, considering the drastic events taking place. But it is important that people learn how to spot fake news. The above article will cover real facts about Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Scam.

you how to do this so you can continue to get the information you need without being exposed to a host of misleading reports.

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