Human rights focus on the dignity and freedom of rights of all people, regardless of their culture, background, disabilities, and belonging. We are usually unaware of the influence we all have, on the lives of others. We all can consciously act more positively and work towards the protection of human rights for people who need it the most.

The NDIS code of conduct further ensures the safe delivery of support to disabled people. We all hold a special power within us, to step forward for people who cannot take one of themselves.

How to Actively Protect Human Rights?

Here are some very basic and simple ways, through which we all can stand up for human rights and play an active role in it.

1.  Speak Up:

We all have a humane corner in our hearts that is usually suppressed due to hectic routines and endless struggles in life. However, speaking up about it is very important. We all must raise our voices for things that we care about. Remember that advocacy has a huge impact on communities.

Your voice can be the beginning of a powerful change. It can urge other people to speak up about a specific concern too. You can sign up on different human rights platforms and write down everything you want to. Take the first step.

2.  Donate:

There are several donation organizations that help you play an active role in human rights. Look for a non-profit organization and donate to the people who are in need. You can donate to a children’s organization, to contribute to a brighter future for them. Research extensively before investing in any organization so that you can feel confident about your money being spent in the right place.

3.  Listen to Others:

Listening is a skill and it holds a lot of power. Sometimes, people need nothing else than someone who can listen to them. Honoring and respecting the stories of strugglers is a great way to protect their human rights and work further for their ease.

4.  Say NO to Discrimination:

Discrimination is crucial to address. Never let it slip by. Whether you are disabled, you are black or white, you are a man or a woman; discrimination on any basis is not allowed. And you must not take it or give it to others. If you are experiencing discrimination or anyone in your college or workplace is experiencing it; speak up. Stand up for yourself, stand up with them and you will actively take part in creating a positive change.


These are just tiny stepping stones to actively making a change. It is hardly scratching the surface a bit, to make an effort. There are innumerable people out there, deprived of their basic rights, struggling to stay alive. Making an active effort to contribute to them or stand by them can add up wonderfully to your life.

Remember, what you sow is what you reap. Do good and good will find its way to you.


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