As the summer sun triumphs over the infamous British rain, the temperatures are gradually rising. What foods should we eat in the summer to keep our bodies nourished without feeling bloated? Countries with historically hot summers, such as India, have a plethora of delicious cuisine to offer. They’ll make you feel satisfied and energized at the same time. The idea is that certain elements in these foods will keep your energy levels consistent while cooling your body when the temperatures rise.

Ingredients like mint, tamarind, yoghurt, and onions, which have been shown to have a cooling impact and aid digestion in general, are frequently included in Indian dishes. Indian street cuisine provides a variety of delectable and light options suitable for any time of day.

Whether you buy jal jeera online or any other traditional beverage, summer is known for its range of options –


Is it possible to imagine summer without ice cream? The delectable Indian version, on the other hand, differs slightly from its Western counterpart. It’s still the same frozen dairy-based sweet treat we’re used to, but it’s creamier and denser. The reason for this is that kulfi isn’t whipped, so when it’s frozen, it’s considerably more firm and takes longer to melt. Pistachio, rose, mango, cardamom, and saffron are the most classic flavors.

Bel Puri

Bel Puri is another wonderful chaat (Indian street food appetizer) with a perfect balance of salty, sweet, and spicy flavours, as well as various textures from the puffed rice and fried sev. Puffed rice and gramflour, peanuts, and sev are tossed with onions, pomegranate, and tamarind chutney to make this dish. Sev is a fried noodle-like snack prepared from gram flour (chickpeas). Tomatoes, chilies, or even small cubed potatoes could be added to the base in some variations. The chutneys give this dish a whole new level of flavor. Tamarind or mint chutney are the most common accompaniments.

Kathi Roll

This dish had its debut in Kolkata. A grilled chicken or lamb kebab was initially wrapped in a paratha bread. However, due to its excellent flavor, various varieties were quickly developed, including paneer, egg, potato, or a vegetable mix. Kathi rolls are the most common type of wrap that consists of a filling and an Indian flatbread (roti or paratha). It’s easy to see why kathi rolls have become one of the most popular street food dishes: they’re flavorful, filling (but not too heavy!) and easy to eat on the go, making them a wonderful alternative for a light and quick dinner.


Samosas are golden-brown fried triangles prepared with wheat flour and a tasty filling, and are another popular Indian street food delicacy. Vegetarian savory fillings such mashed potatoes, green peas, chickpeas, onions, and spices are the most popular. Samosas are frequently accompanied by mint or tamarind chutney. In comparison to other Indian and international versions, the ones in Delhi and Punjab are larger. This is why we recommend a serving size of two pieces per person, even if you may be tempted to consume more.

Pani Puri Gol Gappa

In many parts of the Indian subcontinent, pani puri is one of the most popular street foods. Depending on the region, it goes by a different name and spelling, but no matter what it’s called, everyone will recognize the delectable fried crispy shells with aromatic fillings. The puffed hollow pastry circles are accompanied by flavored water, tamarind chutney, onion, potatoes, chickpeas, and occasionally yoghurt. They could be pre-filled with the well-seasoned ingredients or sold separately to keep the crispiness of the puff pastry shells. You can also buy pani puri masala online.


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