While spending time outside is pleasant and rejuvenating, not everyone wants or needs to be exposed to the sun’s rays. It’s just too hot at times. As a result, when designing an outdoor room or habitat, make sure to incorporate at least one source of shade—ideally in regions where you can enjoy the fresh air without being in direct sunshine.

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Creating Multiple Entertainment Spaces

Having the ability to construct multiple entertaining zones is a dream come true. A comfy seating area under a white canopy with thick curtains on each side ensures that anyone looking to escape the heat has a place to do so.

Tree Canopy

While patio and fabric coverings are effective at hiding the sun’s rays, there are instances when more natural alternatives are available. This modest construction is made up of several small, fast-growing trees that provide the ideal shade canopy. The structure is wonderfully integrated with the rest of the lush garden that surrounds it.

Pergola With Extra Privacy

Creating a separate entertainment area away from your home will allow you the freedom and space to add more seating. You can add a pergola with some additional wall panels to ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible. This will shield the sun from shining directly on them while also offering extra privacy.

Create Multiple Dining and Shaded Spaces

If you have the space, it makes sense to have many shady locations to retreat to in the long run; this way, you can ensure that you’re never dazzled by the sun’s rays as it moves across the sky.

Updated Awning

Your grandparents’ 1950s tract house may have had tin awnings, but they’ve come a long way from the days when door-to-door salespeople competed for new homeowners’ business. Awnings today are softer, composed of more malleable and long-lasting materials, and just more attractive. This patio’s grey and white striped pattern is evidence of that!

Oversized Moveable Umbrella

Why settle for a standard umbrella when you can go up a size? After all, bigger is always better, right? This square-shaped large umbrella has a light bulb for when the day is done, and it offers plenty of shade to keep the sun out of anyone’s eyes. Don’t let the umbrella’s size deceive you—it can simply be swiveled around rather than remaining fixed in place if you want to move it out of the way.

Constructed Overhang

This patio, which is a few feet away from the house, has a built-in overhang that keeps things shady in a fashionable way. Plants, string lights, and a rug are all simple extras that add to the appeal.

Shade and Shelter

A pergola is one of the most popular ways to add shade to your outdoor oasis. A pergola can be left open to the elements or covered with screens and coverings to keep the sun at bay. For a little extra privacy, sheer drapes cover the top and sides in this case.

Umbrellas Are the Way To Go

Return to the basics when looking for shade. With chairs lined up on the side under a large white garden umbrella, this modern backyard pays homage to the heyday of swimming pool culture and design. The weights at the top keep the umbrella in place, allowing you to concentrate on more essential things—like total relaxation.

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