You’re on your way to a faraway destination, and you’re waiting with baited breath for the pilot to announce your landing at Heathrow Airport is only minutes away over the intercom. 

Your plane lands, and you rush out, eager to breathe in the warm air and feel the seaside wind. As you turn the corner of the airport, you realize your journey has just become a little more difficult… you forgot to book a taxi.

Thank God that you have Downloaded Tuko Super App that offers On-Demand Taxi App services in London, Edinburgh and The United Kingdom.

On-Demand Taxis in London are an easy, safe, and economical means of transportation whether you’re heading to your home, office, or require a trip from the airport. You may save time, money, and the inconvenience of hailing a cab in a foreign land by booking a taxi before you arrive. Taxi cab drivers, on the other hand, are usually more than ready to accommodate you and your travel plans; demonstrating correct manners is a great way to repay your driver in more ways than money.

Tuko Taxi Booking App pin-points few etiquettes to follow:

Never ask your driver to break the traffic laws

The majority of individuals, even cab drivers, do not appreciate being encouraged to breach the law on a regular basis. Never try to persuade them to carry more passengers than their vehicle is capable of properly transporting, and never push them to go faster than the posted speed limit. Remember, arriving a few minutes late is preferable to causing an accident.

Do not litter in the taxi

Be considerate of carrying food and drink inside the taxi. It may smell, leaving a pungent smell. 

Consider this for instance, would you be pleased if someone brought food into your office and strewn crumbs around the floor?

The majority of taxi drivers refuse to allow food into their vehicles. Crumbs, stains, and strong odors are difficult for the driver to remove, so eat and drink before getting in.

If you truly want to eat anything that isn’t too messy, you should first ask your driver’s permission.

Be Polite is the least you can do

Drivers are human too.

This may seem obvious, but not everyone treats cab drivers with the respect they deserve. Don’t be obnoxious with your driver. During the ride, this includes swearing, yelling, arguing, or otherwise being a nuisance.

While you are free to make specific requests or request a specific route, don’t bother the driver about their route or speed. Keep in mind that they’ve been doing this for quite some time.

If your driver begins up a conversation with you and you’re not interested, simply tell them you’re not interested. Don’t just ignore them or make a snarky remark.

Avoid PDA

You are not in a bedroom but a moving Taxi.

Making out in the back seat may look sexy in movies, but it’s absolutely not sexy in real life.

Nobody, especially your driver, wants to see what’s going on in the backseat. When you’re in a cab, keep it nice and keep your hands to yourself. Until you get at your destination, try to keep your love desire in check.

Be Generous With The Tip

To demonstrate your gratitude and respect, give your driver a tip. The typical rule of thumb when it comes to tipping taxi cabs is 15-30%. Be generous and tip as much as your budget permits unless your driver was rude, impolite, or unsafe.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to Taxi Etiquettes, it all boils down to common civility.

Remember that the driver is a person, too, and that they are willing to work with you to ensure that you have the service you require. When dealing with your cab driver, be nice, cordial, and generous, and they will most likely return the favor.

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