Last year was a stressful year for shoppers, thanks to supply chain problems, inflation, and a still-active pandemic. While 2022 does not guarantee to solve all of these problems, it does provide an opportunity to take control of your own finances and build a plan for purchasing the items you desire.

Making a list of the major purchases you want to make, as well as the products you buy year after year, might help you shop more wisely and save money. But it might be difficult to determine whether to buy that thing on your list and when to wait for a better offer.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest goods to buy each month, as well as holidays when you’ll find big discounts — and, as a bonus, national days when you may get free stuff. This manner, you may take advantage of seasonal retail sales trends to purchase the goods you desire and need without going overboard on your spending.


Everything you need to know about purchasing (or not buying) in January is right here:

What to get: 4K televisions

Fitness gear and equipment

Sets of cosmetics

Towels and bedding


Gift wrapping and holiday decorations

Software for tax preparation


Although February is the month of love and gift-giving, it may be a better time to buy significant purchases for yourself rather than trinkets for your loved ones. Among the possibilities are:

TVs. From January through February, there is a surge in television sales. This is, aside from Black Friday, one of the best times to buy a new television.

Items for the winter season. Retailers will be trying to sell the inventory of cold-weather items as the winter season draws to a close. Look for later-in-the-year bargains on clothes and winter sports equipment.

Items for the home. On Presidents Day and the weekend before the holiday, expect shops to host home and clothing sales.


Most people expect bargains on everything green for St. Patrick’s Day in March, whether it’s green clothes or festive-coloured beer. However, greater St. Paddy’s Day deals may be found if you know where to search. Keep a lookout for the following:

Dell Refurbished Store offers discounted gadgets.

DiscountMags offers magazine discounts.

Samsonite has some great luggage bargains.

Winter sports goods may see steep reductions as the season winds down, and a number of businesses may be feeling cheeky and offer 17 percent off for St. Patrick’s Day promotions. Do you have a cookie craving? If you haven’t already, buy your Girl Scout cookies this month — the cookie season ends in April!


April offers a variety of springtime specials and discounts, like texas roadhouse coupons that can be redeemed on;

Vacuums. Although purchasing a vacuum cleaner isn’t the most fun task, it will be made easier if you take advantage of a spring cleaning bargain. Look for sales at department shops and brands such as Dyson.

Items with a tax theme. Retailers and restaurants strive to ease the strain of Tax Day every year by offering discounts and freebies on services like paper shredding. Around mid-April, keep an eye out for them.

Candy for Easter. Candy, plastic eggs, toy animals, and other items will be on sale in the days after Easter.


Prepare for significant savings on a range of things as Memorial Day approaches at the end of the month, including the following:

Clothing \sMattresses

Appliances that are large

Other reductions will be available during Memorial Day sales, and swimwear will be discounted by up to 70% at certain stores just before the unofficial start of summer. May the Fourth deals, on the other hand, will kick off the month with a bang, providing a great opportunity to pick up Star Wars gear.

Free Comic Book Day, which falls in the first week of May, is even better for geeky buyers. While Mother’s Day is known for having mediocre flowers, cards, and other options, it’s actually a fantastic time to get Mom non-traditional presents.


Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing (or not purchasing) in June:

What to buy: Tools (discounts for Father’s Day)

Cutlery and cookware


Products for the bath and body

Springtime outfits

Tech + games + outdoor gear


Here’s everything you need to know about shopping (or not shopping) in July:

Appliances are what you should acquire.


Camping equipment

Home remodelling goods + paint Grills and outdoor gear




What better way to say goodbye to summer than to stock up on summer goods? That’s correct. In August, look for end-of-season clearance bargains on:

Backpacks, backpacks, backpacks, backpacks, backpacks, backpacks, backpacks The start of school necessitates the purchase of both low-cost and high-cost things such as notebooks and pencils, as well as more expensive items such as calculators and computers. In general, the closer you buy to the beginning of the school year, the higher your chances of receiving a decent deal.

Outdoor goods are available. Enjoy a great discount on lawn mowers and other seasonal outdoor equipment as the summer draws to a close.

Swimsuits. By the time August arrives, there may not be many swimming days left, but swimsuit clearance sales will be at an all-time high. Now is the time to stock up on swimwear for next year.


Everything you need to know about purchasing (or not buying) in September is right here:

What should I buy?

Grills and related items

Furniture for the patio

Large-scale appliances (Labor Day)

Clothing during the summer

Denim \sLawnmowers


iPhones from previous generations


During the Halloween season, don’t let the expense of buying frighten you. In October, there will be plenty of discounts on the following product categories:

Furniture for the outdoors. When the weather becomes colder, people tend to spend less time outside. When summer comes to a close, look for discounts on patio furniture and other outdoor living items.

Jeans. Fall product arrives in retailers between August and September, but unless you wait a few weeks, you’ll pay top money. October is an excellent month to purchase a new pair of jeans.


Everything you need to know about purchasing (or not buying) in November is right here:

What should I buy?

A brand-new vehicle

Products for the smart home

Kitchen equipment that is little

Gaming consoles


Everything you need to know about purchasing (or not buying) in December is right here:

What to get as a gift

Toys and Technology Apparel for Fall.


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