However, there are many types of videos whether it is long-form or short-form. Apart from marketing, brands also use video content for creating entertaining videos. The prime focus of these videos is to increase brand recognition and user engagement. Just a few years ago, you could only see advertisements on the TV if you had a cable connection with Spectrum cable service or the like. Now, ads are everywhere online as well and most of them are videos.

So, how do you decide which type of video content is best for your brand? Here are some types that you should consider.

1: Explainer Videos

Video tutorials are not just for your consumers. It is one of the best ways to explain your product and its uses to your potential customers as well. There is a big market for explainers online as most people would rather watch a video to learn something new. For example, you have a makeup brand and want to promote eyeshadow pallets. You can collaborate with a makeup artist and make a video where they use your products.

Such collaborations can help boost user interest in your products. Because it shows them how to use your product and what it is good for. Tutorials can help create awareness about your products and you can answer most of your customers’ queries.

2: Interviews

An interview can be a great way to attract customers that are looking for answers or a different perspective. They can also build more brand awareness and credibility with your audience. If you are looking for more reach, then you should do an interview with a celebrity, influencer, or businessman. As a result, their audience can also tune in and find out more about you.

An interview can also be a great way to control the narrative that surrounds your brand. And create the image that you want to build. Communication between the two speakers can offer an interactive experience for the viewers and creates great opportunities for growth.

3: Short-Form Videos

One of the most engaging types of video content these days is short-form. Facebook and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok videos have revolutionized video content online. It is a great change because most users stop watching a video after the first 30 seconds if they don’t like it. So, the bounce rate could be a real reason why your message isn’t getting across to your consumers.

But now with short-form videos, you can send out all the necessary information within 30 seconds. This format truly engages the viewer and they are likely to finish watching the video. The key is to make the first three seconds as exciting as you can.

4: Personalized Videos

If you want to make an impact on all of your customers and not just one, you should consider personalized videos. These videos use a personal bit of the viewer’s information like their name and incorporate it into the video. Users are more likely to relate to the video if they think that it was recorded specifically for them. Personalized videos are widely used as an effective marketing tool. It can help brands create a memorable kick to their campaigns. Moreover, personalized videos create a massive opportunity for recognition and memory-building.

5: Visual Tips and Tricks

People have busy lives and they want to make doing simple chores easy for themselves. So, if your product simplifies things, there is only one way to make sure people know it. Make little videos for life hacks and other random tips and tricks. If your target audience is a working mom or a factory worker that has to take double shifts, the chances are that they don’t have enough time on their hands. They are more likely to watch a video that shows them easier ways to do daily-life work.

6: Funny Videos

Being a corporate company doesn’t mean that you have to be serious all the time. You can wear a suit in the day and a joker costume at night if you want to. A funny video can help your employees relax and be themselves for a while. Moreover, it can also help your potential employees and clients get a good look at your company’s work culture. It can be a great way to help with PR and the public image of your company. As your potential customers won’t be expecting such videos, it can also bring in more views than normal.

Video content can be one of the best ways to keep your employees engaged with your brand’s story. If you’re still thinking about venturing into video marketing, now is the best time to make the shift.


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