Digital marketing digital marketing consultant, digital consultant , digital marketing consultant , digital consultants , digital marketing consultancy The digital consultant, also known as digital marketing consultant, is an increasingly requested figure in contemporary society, especially since companies have begun to perceive the need to receive the support of a professional figure who knows how to guide them in the realization of online strategies and in their implementation.

One of the consequences of the exponential increase in demand is the proliferation of professionals who profess to be digital consultants without actually having the training and experiential background to be defined as such.

Are digital consultants born or made?

You become digital consultants . As with other consultancy professions, it is a long path that provides – in addition to technical training on the most relevant issues in the sector – constant updating and refinement of one’s natural empathic skills.

In particular, it is appropriate to focus on the skills that a digital consultant must have in order to be able to call himself such: after all, although digital is a recently acquired sector in the world of work, this does not mean that it is a profession that can be learned quickly or carried out by anyone.

To understand what skills a digital consultant needs, why not start from the areas of expertise ?

  • Technical skills: This is the basis of all good advice, regardless of the sector in which it is carried out. In particular, when talking about a digital consultant, it is advisable that you master the HTML code and the principles of IT, which allows you to perform activities such as the technical optimization of the internal pages of your client’s website.


Furthermore, he must know in depth the behavior of the Google algorithm which is the main partner in the work of a digital consultant, understanding the continuous updates and the implications that these updates can have on individual pages. Different SERPs see the algorithm react differently and only experience on many projects allows you to know how to interpret it better than other professionals.

  • Relational skills: the very origin of the word consultant refers to the activity that was carrie out in the Agora, namely that of deliberating on specific issues, laws or sentences.

Although the context has completely changed, the role of this figure is the same, that is to empathize with their client, understanding their needs and aspirations. Only after identifying the online business objectives that you want to be achieve and base on in-depth knowledge of the sector, the digital consultant can present his own strategy. Among the character skills necessary to carry out this profession there is also a good dose of patience and the ability to present problems in a proactive and decisive way.

What does a digital consultant do?

An important aspect to consider when talking about the digital marketing consultant is the position they take with respect to those who turn to them for help and support.

This professional figure is not an employee. But is a freelancer who supports his partners in the realization of their online projects. This implies a degree of active participation not only in the planning phase of the strategy, but above all in the implementation phase.

For this reason and thanks to the professionalism that distinguishes this profile. It does not limit itself to preparing paper projects without foundation or standards. But is committe  to building around specific situations digital strategies capable of leading to the desire results.

It is therefore clear how fundamental the figure of the digital consultant. Can be for the growth of your online brand, as:

  • It creates customized digital strategies, specifically studied on the buyer personas of the project.
  • Follows the project by monitoring the results. And making constant adjustments to the strategy based on the results obtained (or not obtained);
  • Proactively solves the problems related to the indexing of your website, proposing solutions consistent with your digital marketing strategy .
  • It supports you in the digital transformation process of your company. In this regard, he recalls ” There is no Digital Transformation without Digital Marketing “

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