Over time, Kurtis has successfully taken part in women’s everyday lives because they are lightweight, easy to carry, wash and suitable for most occasions. Most women wear Kurtis in their daily life, both indoors and outdoors.

The extreme comfort and suitability have brought a spike in demand for all kinds of Kurtis. Those small businesses and individual women also purchase Kurtis in bulk. We want to help you with your selection, and for this reason, we created this wholesale Kurti catalogue. We have covered all standard options that you can find online and offline.

1. Anarkali Style Kurtis

Anarkali Kurtis is never out of trend. They adjust themselves according to the direction and stay in the competition. Women love to explore options of Anarkali Kurtis in wholesale, and if you search online, you will find that multiple suppliers have enough stock to fulfil your demand. Just make sure to ask them about variations in colour and designs.

2. Printed Style Kurtis

Printed style Kurtis can easily be found in the wholesale catalogues. They are easy to select and won’t cost you much. You can order these Kurtis in bulk to wear for everyday use. They are incredibly lightweight and best suitable for summers.

3. Indo Western Kurtis

Indo western Kurtis is a fantastic combination of Indian and western design that usually comes in vibrant colours and includes printed designs or plates at the bottom. These Kurtis give you an Anarkali Kurti-like look, but they are different. It is easy to purchase this Kurtis in bulk.

4. Kaftan Style Kurtis

Kaftans are said to be the most comfortable style for Kurtis. They are primarily stitched in cotton, don’t tightly fit your body, leave enough space for the air to pass and help your body breathe. Kaftans have fantastic colours and heavy designs, so purchasing them in bulk is easy.

You can order different colours for multiple occasions. Ensure the size fits you the best and the design is not an issue.

5. Long Straight Kurtis

Long straight Kurtis is the love of most women we know. This Kurtis doesn’t come with any embroidery or printed designs and usually reaches your knees or toes in length. You can find them in sophisticated light colours suitable for wear in offices or outdoors. Anyone can match them with jeans or leggings.

Purchasing long straight Kurtis in wholesale is easy, and you can order them from any online store. Wholesalers usually maintain a vast stock of these Kurtis because they are trending and always in demand.

6. Kurtis with Pants

A long or mid-length Kurti matched with a pant style bottom is Kurtis with pants. If you are a working woman and have to visit the office daily, it’s the best piece of clothing to choose. Kurtis with pants is easy to carry, gives you a decent everyday look, and comes in light colours that suit all colour complexions.

Selecting the size of the pants can be tricky when purchasing wholesale. Make sure you take proper measurements before placing any bulk order.

7. Embroidery Kurtis

If you like a little bit of embroidery on the neck of the Kurti or the sleeves, you can go with embroidery Kurtis. You can find them in light to dark colours with some fantastic embroidery or chicken work that gives you a royal look. Usually, these Kurtis don’t have heavy embroidery, making them an easy option for anyone to purchase wholesale.

8. Designer Kurtis

Designer Kurtis is a broad term that includes simple to heavy designs of Kurtis, reaching from knee-length to bottom-length. We browsed the websites of multiple wholesalers and found this option in their catalogue.

However, most designs they sell look simple, but they provide many colour options. Also, we recommend you to go for simple designer Kurtis when purchasing wholesale. As heavy designs may not fulfil your requirement, the supplier may not accept the return of a wholesale consignment.

9. Nightwear Kurtis

It sounds like an odd choice, but we found some of the suppliers selling nightwear Kurtis in their wholesale catalogue. If you feel comfortable wearing Kurtis during the night, you can surely try out this option. These Kurtis comes with little to no designs and is made of light clothing that is best suitable for the night.

These are some of the best options you will find when looking at a kurti wholesale catalogue supplier. Usually, the Kurtis that contain heavy designs or embroidery won’t be available to purchase in bulk.

If Kurtis adds up to your daily wear, we recommend you purchase them in bulk. In this way, you can get your favourite clothing at a discounted price and get options simultaneously.

Placing bulk orders is simple. Browse google for the wholesale Kurtis catalogue, and you will find multiple suppliers. Read their terms and return policy, then place an order to get home delivery. Enjoy your favourite clothing at an affordable price.


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